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8 Summer Looks To Try Based On What You’re Currently Streaming

Summer 2022 is filled with shows to binge-watch and stream. From sets that take place in the ’80s Midwest to small towns in Canada, there is an array of storylines and settings to take inspo from for your summer wardrobe. When watching TV shows and movies, it’s easy to get immersed in the characters’ lives. So much so, in fact, that TV shows and movies have created fashion trends of their own, such as the nostalgic fall fashion of Gilmore Girls or the Barbiecore trend that was inspired by Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie.  

Summer 2022 fashion is all about taking trends to curate a personal aesthetic of your own, which can include looks from your favorite shows and characters. Here are eight summer outfit ideas based on what you’re streaming this summer.

‘80s-inspired outfit (Stranger Things Season 4)

Stranger Things Season 4 channeled the ’80s with the music, clothes, and hairstyles. From bright colors to bold patterns, the ’80s are a decade that will forever be an inspo for fashion, especially in the summer. To recreate looks from Stranger Things, all you need is vintage jean shorts and a bomber jacket. 

These A-Line denim shorts from Cotton On can be paired with this Forever 21 striped sweater vest and lilac Nike bomber jacket to fully embody the ’80s while also cosplaying Max as you listen to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. Would it really be the ’80s without your Chuck Taylors? Top off your outfit with these bright orange high tops and Amazon white crew socks.

Crochet tops and jean shorts (The Summer I Turned Pretty)

Belly’s wardrobe in The Summer I Turned Pretty was the coastal grandmother aesthetic mixed with the crochet trend of the summer — and I love it! If you’re channeling your inner Cousins Beach local, then you’re opting for a simple summer look. Try this adorable crochet long sleeve top from Amazon with these Cotton On white denim shorts. As for shoes, you won’t need them because a Cousins Beach local spends their days at the beach and nights in the pool. But, on the rare occasion you’re going into town, opt for these casual mules from ASOS. 

If you’re having trouble finding an outfit, The Summer I Turned Pretty has an Amazon page with dresses and merch for all your summer fun.

Activewear and business casual (Umbrella Academy Season 3)

When you have powers, you might find yourself having to be active as you fight supernatural events like the Hargreeves family does in The Umbrella Academy. This Amazon workout jacket and Girlfriend Collective biker shorts are the perfect activewear set for your summer hot girl walks, or if you find yourself needing a go-to outfit to train in. We are keeping the set all-black to embody the dark secrets of the Hargreeves family. 

When you’re not off fighting a supernatural event, take inspo from Allison who makes business casual look chic. This casual loose button-down shirt and wide-leg pants is the perfect outfit to go to family events, shopping, or out to brunch.

Graphic tank top and flannel (First Kill)

Cal, one of the protagonists of First Kill, is always on trend with bright pops of color in her wardrobe — despite being a vampire slayer. Her wardrobe makes for the ideal casual outfit for hanging out with friends or walking around town. To style this look, you can pair this Urban Outfitters ribbed tank top with this oversized shacket from Forever 21. Top it off with these black mom shorts. This outfit is cute to wear out on the town or hanging out with your friends, but is casual enough if you ever need to fight some vampires on a whim.

Casual mini dress (Virgin River Season 4)

I heard we were having a Miley Stewart summer, which means spending your time in a small town and reconnecting with things you love most like Miley did in the Hannah Montana movie. Another small town that’s filling our screens this summer? Virgin River, and you can combine your Miley Stewart summer with inspiration from this Netflix show about a nurse who moves to a remote town in northern California. Truly, all you need to dress like Mel on Virgin River are effortless pieces that you can wear to any occasion. Mini, casual dresses are a staple to an effortless summer wardrobe that you can throw on in a hurry, such as this adorable blue dress from Lulus.

Mock neck and knit skirt (Only Murders In The Building Season 2)

Only Murders In The Building takes place in New York during the winter, so you might be thinking, “How can I get a summer fit inspired by my favorite true crime junkies?” The best thing about Mabel’s wardrobe, played by the queen Selena Gomez, is that it consists of mock necks, sweaters, long skirts, and jackets, which are all versatile pieces for every season. To take an outfit that was meant for winter into summer, all you need is a mock neck and midi skirt. Sleeveless mock necks are usually used for layering in the colder months, but in the summer they make for a classy look, such as this chic mock neck bodysuit from Forever 21. Pair that mock next with this simple Free People knit midi skirt to create an outfit that can be worn to work, a coffee shop, or even a nice dinner on the water.

Linen matching set (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

This one is for my Star Wars girlies! You’re probably wondering how a Jedi master can provide fashion-forward looks for the summer, but the truth is, Obi-Wan is the king of neutrals and linen. Although much of his wardrobe consists of tan robes, cloaks, and boots, all of his outfits are neutral and simple, matching the style trend of the summer: Matilda Djerf core. To channel your inner Jedi master, all you need is a matching linen set. This effortless set from Amazon makes for the perfect outfit to lounge around the house in or go to the beach.

Floral maxi dress (The Bachelorette)

The Bachelorette is one of those guilty pleasures that you want to stop watching, but just can’t. Saying that, I think we should all treat ourselves to a Bachelorette summer, meaning you take yourself on a date and buy roses for fun — and you need a wardrobe to fit the occasion. From the rose ceremonies to extravagant dates, the dresses on the show are stunning, so it’s only right if you indulge in a dress of your own to turn heads this summer. This gorgeous yellow maxi dress from Lulus will make you feel like you’re strolling around on the coast of Italy or having a picnic in the park. 

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