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It’s A Matilda Djerf Summer & We’re Just Living In It

If you’re on fashion Instagram and TikTok, you’ve surely heard of Matilda Djerf, Gen Z’s favorite It Girl this summer. Known for her sweet authenticity, immaculate style, and her little dog, Rufus, the Swedish fashion influencer boasts over two million followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok. With her perfect ‘90s-inspired blowout hair and effortless vibe, Djerf is everything Gen Z aspires to be this summer. Think lounging out by the pool in a fruit-patterned bikini, going out for espresso martinis wearing a simple tube dress, and running around Europe to buy flowers at local farmers’ markets. 

With her style inspiring so much of Gen Z fashion culture, Djerf started her own sustainable clothing brand in 2019 called Djerf Avenue and recently hosted a summer-inspired pop-up in Los Angeles in collaboration with Emi Jay, a hair accessory brand. Her Instagram account, which achieves the perfect casual Instagram aesthetic, features her favorite looks and serves as a marketing hub for her brand, which she manages with a women-led team and her long-term boyfriend. With her style being all the rage among Instagram and TikTok fashion girlies, here is how to achieve her look and live out your Matilda Djerf summer dreams.

the perfect mix of effortless and chic

Whether you want to dress business casual and still look cool or look like a fairy princess, Djerf’s style is the perfect inspiration for both.

A bit reminiscent of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, Djerf’s style is simple, yet fun — practical, yet stylish. Her summer uniform consists of a sleek gray blazer and blue jean shorts while working in the office on new designs, and then a long, silky maxi skirt and tube top at night as she goes out for pasta with her friends. On her days off from being a girl boss, she spends the day at the beach in her pink floral bikini from Djerf Avenue or lounging in bed eating raspberries and wearing a colorful striped headband.

How to dress like Matilda Djerf

Achieving Djerf’s style is fairly simple, and you don’t necessarily have to shop at Djerf Avenue to achieve her look, if that’s not in your college student budget. Thrifting and using basics that are likely already in your closet are basic ways to nail the look, practice sustainability, and live out your very own Matilda Djerf summer.

One of Djerf’s primary wardrobe staples is a button-down shirt, which can easily be found at your local thrift store. Try looking for button-down shirts that are plain white, pastel-colored, or striped. If you want the oversized look, buy a size or two larger than what you normally wear.

Linen is another closet staple for Djerf, and is a great, lightweight fabric to help you beat the summer heat (and to make you look like you’re in the movie Mamma Mia!, in the best way possible). Linen shorts and pants are easy to find when thrifting or shopping on online reselling platforms like Depop and Facebook Marketplace, and are usually fairly affordable. Brands like Aritzia, Everlane, and Old Navy also have tons of linen clothing options to help you achieve that easy, breezy summer look.

Much of Djerf’s wardrobe also consists of silky slip dresses and maxi skirts, even dipping into the Y2K, underwear-as-outerwear, Olivia Rodrigo style aesthetic. Djerf Avenue sells an array of colorful, silky dresses to match this aesthetic, as well as Urban Outfitters, Réalisation Par, and Princess Polly.

To get more fashion inspiration (and to simply live out your European summer dream), try scrolling through Djerf’s Instagram feed. But don’t look too long, because you’ll totally be tempted to restart your entire wardrobe from scratch and book a one-way ticket to Sweden.

Zoë is a writer and recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English. Formerly, she was an associate editor at Her Campus, where she covered Gen Z pop culture, beauty and style trends, and everything in between. When she's not writing or editing, Zoë can be found reading, sipping coffee, and exploring new places in California.