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6 Styling Tips all Short Girls Need to Know

Not to be dramatic, but being a 5’2” girl has made my life as a fashion-lover too hard for too long. I’m fed up with ordering pants online just to return them because they drag on the floor, or not being able to wear bike shorts because they almost cover my knees. So, I’ve done some research on the best style tips for my below-average height, and I’m sharing what I’ve learned with all of you, because I understand your pain. 

Learn how to cut your own jeans

I know, taking a pair of scissors to a quality pair of jeans can be scary, but it’s time we face our fears. Cutting the legs of your jeans and creating a raw hem is a lot simpler than you’d think — all you need is a pair of scissors and a ruler. Try the jeans on, mark the right spot on the leg where you want them to fall, create a straight line with the ruler, and cut ‘em off.

You can either use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to pull some loose threads out to give it the raw-hem look and after one wash, they will be perfectly distressed.

Opt for dresses with shape

T-shirt dresses are coming back in style, and have long been a staple already, but aren’t always the most flattering on a short body. The loose-fitting dress paired with a short torso can end up looking too long, and make the body look more condensed. Instead, opt for a dress that is either slim-fitting or hugs the body higher-up on the chest. Some great styles are wrap-dresses, puff-sleeve dresses, and slip dresses.

Switch out flat sneakers for platforms

The easiest way to ~elevate~ your fashion sense as a shorty is to give your flats a little bit of height. Instead of the classic Nike Air-Force 1, go for the platform ones to give yourself that extra boost. And don’t limit yourself to sneakers either: platform sandals are perfect for the summer also!

Crop tops all year long

High-waisted jeans are your best friend. Wearing a high-rise pair of jeans with a crop top is a great way to lengthen the torso and create a flattering silhouette on an otherwise small body.

Find the right denim

There are certain styles of denim that are just right for those with short legs. Straight-leg denim does a great job of creating a slim and taller silhouette, and flare jeans that start right at the knee give the illusion of height — especially when paired with heels. If you have short legs, you may want to be wary of baggy or skinny jeans.

If you’re wearing stripes, make sure they’re horizontal

As a general rule, horizontal stripes tend to give a widening illusion, while horizontal stripes lengthen. Especially if you’re wearing a dress, jumpsuit, or a matching set —  basically any outfit where stripes cover the whole body — try to aim for horizontal stripes.

Of course, always wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready for your day. However, as someone who’s below 5’2”, I know how it feels to need some guidance. So, hopefully, these tips help you feel a little more confident in whatever you wear!

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Megan is a senior majoring in Marketing Communications and Publishing at Emerson College and is currently an Editorial intern at Her Campus Media. She's spending her final summer in Boston and is making the most of it by trying all the take-out in Allston that she can get. Apart from writing, she is passionate about baking, thrift-shopping, ice cream, and making an honest attempt at reducing her Tik-Tok screentime.
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