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No Joke, This Exfoliator From Selfmade Is Emotionally Intelligent

If you’ve been influenced by the retro wave on TikTok, or by the trauma bangs on Emily in Paris, you’re not alone. Maybe it inspired you to finally cut those bangs you’ve been wanting. And in that case, there is a high possibility that they didn’t turn out exactly as you were hoping for. And that’s where selfmade’s True Grit Resilience scrub comes in handy. 

ICYMI, selfmade is the first-ever emotionally intelligent self-care brand. Developed by beauty lovers and mental health experts, selfmade uses psychodermatology (AKA, how your mental health impacts your skin) to heal you from the inside out.

This *very aesthetic* one-of-a-kind product is perfect for exfoliating in those hard places. Known for its “everything shower” capabilities, the True Grit Resilience scrub does the work for you on your face, body, and scalp! It’s basically your 2 a.m. bestie that comes to pick you up from a party when you need a lift — this product is literally there for you in your roughest moments. In a poetic way, this product represents how friction leads to renewal and growth.

Struggling with forehead breakouts, limp bangs, or daily washing with bangs? This full body scrub has got your back. It gets down and dirty to tackle even the most stubborn forehead acne. (Talk about grit!) Its biodegradable bamboo formula helps to absorb excess sebum, and fruit enzyme AHAs to do away with those crusty dead skin cells on your body. Say goodbye to those clusters for good.

selfmade, $34

And when I said this thing handles limp bangs, I wasn’t joking: It is great as a double cleanser or as a pre-wash to exfoliate your scalp. The magic here is that the formula removes the chemical build and the sebum works to supercharge your favorite shampoo. 

Don’t feel like taking time for a wash? You don’t have to work harder, this product helps you work smarter. Just lather it in your hands and watch as the no-foam scalp exfoliator perfectly washes out in your sink. Did I mention it smells like a total dream?

How do you use the selfmade True Grit Resilience scrub?

As I mentioned, this product can be used in a variety of ways. For scalp treatment, section your wet hair and apply the scrub directly to your scalp. Massage it thoroughly to activate the solution for about 30 seconds. Rinse and finish with shampoo and conditioner. If you’re using the scrub on your skin, gently massage it into your underarms, legs, and/or your pubic area. Please note that this product is for external use only. 

Resilience is in your skin! When you treat yourself kindly your skin responds in tow. This resilience scrub is dermatologist-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, silicone and alcohol-free, non-hormone-disrupting, synthetic fragrance-free, and mental health expert-approved. Yup, I’m in.

Alicia Casey was a National Writer for Her Campus from December 2022 to April 2023 covering all things health and wellness. She's graduating from Cal State Long Beach in May 2023 with her B.A. in public relations and a minor in communications studies.