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Bestie, We *Need* To Talk About That ‘Emily In Paris’ Finale

This post contains spoilers for Emily In Paris season 3.

OK… did y’all see that Emily In Paris finale, or am I just freaking out alone? Season 3 was full of fashion and drama, and to say that I ate it all up, was an understatement. We entered season 3 after a tumultuous season 2 — Emily has to make a choice between moving back to Chicago to work for Sylvie, or stay in Paris to work with Sylvie. In true Emily fashion, season 3’s career storyline followed Emily playing for both teams before they (inevitably) blew up in her face. Honestly, not surprising — Miss Girl is a Libra, and we all know how they feel about decision-making.

However, in the finale of the season, things didn’t go as expected… you’ll get the pun in a few. Essentially, after Emily and Alfie make things IG official (took ’em long enough), things were definitely looking up for this ship. Meanwhile, back at the Gabriel and Camille camp, there’s definitely (hidden) trouble in paradise: while they’re engaged, Camille is cheating on Gabriel, and Gabriel isn’t exactly shy about the whole being-in-love-with-Emily thing. But, that doesn’t stop them from throwing a spontaneous, impromptu wedding.

At the altar, Camille says that Gabriel is in love with Emily, and the only reason they’re not together is because of Emily and Camille’s pact (which Camille obviously broke). She runs away from the altar leaving Gabriel standing in shock, and a bunch of awkward tension between Emily and Alfie. Yikes.

After hearing the confession, Alfie ultimately breaks things off with Emily. At first, she resists and briefly tries to get him to stay, but lets him go eventually — she knows the truth, and the truth is that she wants Gabriel. Sorry, Alife stans.

Emily is — obviously — contemplating a lot. She goes outside and eventually ends up sitting next to Gabriel. This would be the perfect time for, like, a kiss or some kind of confession of undying love. Instead, Gabriel tells Emily something we’re not expecting… Camille is. Not catching my drift? I’ll make it simple.

Camille is pregnant. Boom. End. Roll credits.

What?! Is Alfie officially done? What about Gabriel and Camille? Emily? What is happening? If your mind is full of questions, I don’t blame you. Let’s unpack that finale, and try to answer any lingering questions about season 3, and the future of season 4.

Will Emily & Gabriel get together in season 4 of Emily In Paris?

Tough to say. Without that final bombshell, I’d say that an Emily and Gabriel reunion was 100% possible. Now, with Camille pregnant and Gabriel an expecting father, it’s a little complicated. However, it’s 2022 (almost 2023), and I wouldn’t rule out any “unorthodox” relationships just yet, especially on TV.

If Emily and Gabriel were to rekindle their relationship, I doubt that they would rush into anything. Hopefully, season 4 will allow us to see these two take things slow. Maybe conflicts will resolve between Camille and Gabriel, and Emily will end up being the best stepmother ever. Honestly? I’d watch it.

Will There even Be a season 4 of Emily In Paris?

Luckily, we won’t be in the dark for long: In January 2022, following the second season, Lily Collins (who, ICYMI, plays Emily) posted a photo of herself on Instagram announcing that Emily In Paris would be returning for a third and fourth season. Prayers? Answered.

However, Netflix has yet to announce an official season 4 premiere date. But, I’ll be sure to update you as soon as the information drops. Until then, you can catch me binge-watching the entire show over and over again. Au revoir!

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