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If You Want to Take More Chances with Makeup, Colored Mascara Is Where You Should Start

Mascara is one of the easier makeup products to use, and if you don’t know how to apply it, the process of mastering it takes about five minutes. It’s the one makeup product that I can use quickly when I’m in a rush before class and need my eyes to pop (so I don’t look like I pulled an all-nighter).

Now, when I mention mascara, you’re probably thinking of the typical black or brown mascara that you use on a daily basis. But what if I told you there was another way to get look-at-me eyes, without using the same old boring product every day? Colored mascara is a super fun way to express yourself through bold, bright colors, and it has fortunately been making a comeback. It can make your eyes look brighter, act as an alternative to eyeshadow, and works as an accessory to your overall look.

To help you discover ways to do this in an Insta-worthy move, I’ve compiled a list of ways to wear colored mascara that I definitely want to try.

1. Shades of blue



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Blue is a great color to start off with because it's still subtle but will still give you something eye-catching. You can stick with one shade, or mix it up with different tones on your upper and lower lashes.

2. Gold and silver



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You would think silver and gold would be super glam tones, but they’re actually pretty versatile. You can use gold and silver mascaras when you want to elevate a nightime look, or when you want to stick with something edgy and monochromatic. What’s super pretty about this is that it basically serves as a highlighter for your lashes (um, I think yes). 

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3. Green mascara



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Slime green has been a super trendy color in 2019 for accessories and clothing. So, why not incorporate it into your makeup too?

4. Ombre lashes



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With this two-toned look, you can step out of your comfort zone and try out as many colors as you want. You can try out a rainbow theme, or colors that blend well together, such as blue and green, or green and purple.

5. Layering over black

Just apply your regular black mascara, and layer it with whichever color you want to add a tint to. You can go as subtle or as extra with this as you’d like!

6. Simple and pink



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Personally, I’d prefer to wear this shade on its own with nothing else on my eyes (although, you could definitely add more color if you want!).

7. Bottom lashes only



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Adding color to just your bottom lashes is subtle, yet really effective in making your eyes pop – especially with a matching eyeshadow look.

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8. Yellow lashes with a red lip



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I've seen the yellow eyeshadow trend a lot lately, but what if it were combined with yellow mascara? Definitely top this off with a bold red lip.

9. White mascara



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I’m getting true ice queen vibes with this one. White also makes the whites of your eyes look brighter, which is a plus.

Colored mascara is a super bubbly and trendy way to step out of your comfort zone. Give it a try! You never know, maybe you’ll even end up ditching your everyday black mascara.

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