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How To Bleach Your Brows, According To An Expert

The bleached brow has been consistently finding its way to celebrities and fashion industry It Girls since the early 2000s — but more recently, the trend is back in full force. Not only have celebs like Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, and Maisie Willams been rocking the look, but even the most fashionable students on campus have been participating in the trend, effortlessly elevating their style and beautifully achieving a fresh-off-the-runway look — even in their 8 a.m. classes. 

Despite the bleached brow look’s popularity, it’s important to remember the old French saying, “Beauty is pain, and pain is beauty,” when thinking about participating in this trend, for many have rushed to eagerly bleach their brows at home only to have been left with yellow-stained eyebrows and many tears

But you don’t have to suffer to achieve gorgeous, icy brows! Her Campus spoke with Robin Evans, a brow expert and licensed aesthetician, on how to bleach your brows safely at home. Read on for five crucial tips on how to DIY your very own bleached brow look. 

Assess your brow health.

Before you make the leap and bleach your brows, you need to be sure that your brows are in tip-top shape and can handle any kind of bleaching treatment. For instance, don’t bleach your brows if you currently have a sunburn, cut, or any other inflammation or sensitive areas around your eyebrows. 

Evans also says to not bleach your brows if you’ve recently had your brows laminated. “I would advise waiting four to six weeks after this procedure, as both treatments are a chemical process, and you could dry out or damage your brow hairs.”  

Decide what you want.

While “bleaching works best on those with lighter or medium brown shades,” according to Evans, anyone can rock the look with a little upkeep, patience, and confidence. 

There are a few different looks you can choose from when going for a bleached brow, which is part of what makes the trend so fun!  You can rock a no brow look, which is usually a platinum blonde, almost invisible look. Alternatively, you can try a brassy shade that gives off a warmer vibe. It’s up to you to decide how light you want your brows to turn out! 

Prep, Prep, Prep!

This may seem obvious, but you definitely don’t want to skip prepping your brows before bleaching. After you’ve plucked, trimmed, or weaved any unwanted hairs, make sure to wash your face and then apply a barrier cream to the skin around your brows.

TikTok creator Tarek Ali uses a regular moisturizer along with a soothing oil, but you can use any cream you have that is safe for your skin — Vaseline is a great option that you likely already have on hand!

Get the products you’ll need.

You’ll need a few things to achieve a lighter brow — but fortunately, most of these products can be found at your local drugstore. First, you’ll need a creme hair bleach that is gentle enough for delicate skin. TikTok creator @mangofurrypits — who has been rocking a bleached brow since the start of the trend — recommends the Loreal Quick-Blue Bleach with a sensitive scalp developer. Jolen Creme Bleach is also another cult-favorite (and is Evans-approved!).

Whichever product you choose, make sure to complete a patch test on the inside of your arm or inner elbow to see if it’s safe for your skin. If your skin turns red or gets irritated from the product, try something else out.

Lastly, make sure you have a pair of gloves, something to pull your hair back with (a scrunchie or hair tie will do the trick!), Q-tips, and an eyebrow spoolie.

Bleach your brows!

It’s finally time! Mix your bleach of choice with your developer (most brow bleaching kits come with a developer) until it forms a toothpaste-like consistency. 

After tying your hair back, start to apply the bleach to your brows in globs with the Q-tip. Spread the bleach around so it covers all of your eyebrow hairs, and then brush over them with the eyebrow spoolie. Leave this mixture on your brows anywhere from 8 to twenty minutes. FYI: The longer you leave the bleach on, the more your natural hair color will fade, and the lighter your brow hairs will become. Next, wash the product off carefully with water and — voila! — you have bleached brows!

To maintain your bleached brows, you’ll want to repeat these steps no more than every “four to six weeks,” according to Evans, depending on your natural hair color and how quickly your hair grows. In between bleach time, Evans recommends using a purple shampoo on your brows to help counteract any brassiness.

Evans also advises to condition your brows to keep them healthy and nourished, since bleaching can sometimes lead to brittle, damaged brow hairs. “Keep your brows in good shape by using something to condition your brows, even something that you would use on your hair like a conditioning mask or good old fashioned castor oil,” Evans says. And with that, enjoy your new off-duty model look! 

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