How to Style a Wicker Bag, As Told By Instagram

My favorite favorite FAVORITE trend this summer has been the wicker and straw bag trend. I can’t even explain why, I just love them so much. So, as you can imagine, I was beyond excited to try them out for this week’s segment.

I was sent a wicker basket bag and a round, straw bag by bujibaja and they are SO cute – I’m obsessed. They're pretty much the only way I want to carry my things around for the rest of my life. Especially considering the fact that I've seen pretty much every single one of my favorite style icons and Insta influencers carrying these around all season long, I just had to get my hands on one of these. Now that I've gotten into the swing of the trend, I'm excited to share what I've ~learned~ along the way about how to style these essential bags.

The two bags are very similar, but I think there should be a slight difference in the way they’re styled.

For the round, straw bag, I went with a more laid-back, boho vibe, and for the wicker basket bag, I went for a more put-together french girl look.

The simplest way to style the little, round bag is just to throw on a dress and some espadrilles. This dress is linen and has a really simple silhouette, so it’s cute but still pretty casual. Plus, I like how much the navy blue made the bag pop.

The second look I styled for this bag is a light, open-knit sweater and a green, utility-inspired skirt. This sweater is loose and boxy so it totally fits in the boho theme, while still being light enough to wear in the summer.

For the wicker basket bag, I still wanted my outfit to have a very summery vibe, but because this bag is more structured than the other one, I felt like the outfit need a little more physical structure as well.

For my first look, I chose a white, midi-length, collared dress with buttons that go down the front and REAL pockets. I found it earlier this summer at a vintage shop and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorite dresses. I paired it with a silk scarf tied around my ponytail and a gold, heart-shaped locket.

The second outfit for this bag is a small step up in terms of style and effort. This has become one of my favorite outfits of late – I got the top this past Saturday and I’ve worn it at least four times since. The hair for this outfit stayed the same as the previous one because I just really love the silk scarf and ponytail combo. I also think having my hair up helps show off that the top is strapless, which I love.

I loved getting to play around with this trend! I sincerely hope that wicker and straw bags are here to stay for a while because I am so not ready to let of of these beauties. As always, I’d love to see your takes on this trend, so make sure you tag @hercampusstyle on Instagram

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