Clear Bags Are Your New Super Functional, Tailgate-Ready Essential

If I know a thing or two about style, it's that the trends are always changing, but one trend has really made an impact this summer: the clear bag. It seems like everywhere we look there's yet another see-through purse. If you somehow haven't seen these, clear bags range from straight up plastic shopping bags to this thicker, transparent material. They're the perfect opp to highlight your accessories within an accessory, and because the trend is still newer to those of us who aren't celebs or influencers, it feels fresh, rather than overdone.

My take? I dig it. Clear bags feel fashion-forward and obviously edgy. I think it's definitely worth finding one, especially an affordable one (don't worry, we've got you covered), and giving the trend a shot for yourself. This feels like the sort of trend that won't last, so get to it before you miss out on the magic of see-through products. 

Like, tell me you don't want to pick your most beautiful beauty products and find an adorable phone case and show them off in this cutie?

The clear bag trend feels so casual and chill, and yet so Cool Girl-approved.


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But the thing is that a lot of the clear bags I've seen seem kind of flimsy, and when you're working on a college budget, there is literally NO TIME for a bag that's going to fail you in the middle of the day. You're carrying way too much stuff to have to deal with that mess. 

So I was pretty pumped to learn about Clearware Bags, which take the clear bag trend and fine-tune it for college women. 


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Plus, fall semester is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: It’s almost time for football season! Whether you go to every game or only make it to a couple tailgates, football season is one of the most fun times of the school year. These days, most stadiums have strict bag policies that require clear bags, which can be challenge for girls – since, after all, you probably don’t have a clear bag. Plus there’s no way you can go without a bag – you’ve got a phone, wallet, ticket, keys, makeup for touch-ups, tampons, and likely no functional pockets (thanks, women’s clothing designers).

Don’t worry, though – Clearware is here to save the day, and trust me, they have literally the most ~chic~ clear bags around.

This brand makes cute and functional clear bags out of high-quality PVC that are perfect for game days. These bags are also awesome because they’re super sturdy and can be filled with ice to keep your drink – and LBR, yourself – cool at the tailgate! Plus, they’re totally customizable – there are options for leather straps, straps in your favorite or team colors, and monogramming. Perfect for an Insta post that's on trend, and yet totally your own. 

That’s why @hercampusstyle is so excited to be partnering with Clearware for a giveaway! One lucky winner will get a Clearware bag of their very own this football season How to enter:

  1. Make sure you’re following both @hercampusstyle and @clearwarebags on Instagram.
  2. Like our giveaway post.
  3. Tag your tailgate buddy in the comments!

The winner will be chosen at the end of the weekend and contacted via DM. Good luck!

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