The Best Style Bloggers to Follow on Instagram: 2018 Edition

As a collegiette, I can honestly admit that yes, scrolling through Instagram for hours is a regular part of my daily routine.  I mean what’s better than excessive amounts of cute puppies and Tasty videos?  

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably ~obsessed~ with fashion and all of the latest trends.  One of my absolute favorite ways to keep up with this crazy world of fashion is by following the day-to-day lives of my favorite style bloggers on Instagram.  I personally like to refer to these fabulous ladies as the “Beyoncés of the fashion world.”  With that being said, these fashion rock stars slay in every sense, not just when it comes to style.  

1. Arielle Charnas - @somethingnavy

Arielle is definitely one of my all-time favorite fashion bloggers – hands down. She seriously kills it when it comes to fashion, especially current trends. Be sure to follow her for daily sneak peaks into her glamorous life, as well as the constant cuteness overload of her adorable baby Ruby Lou!

2. Shea Marie- @peaceloveshea


Shea Marie is another one of my favorite bloggers (could it be because we share the same name?). In all seriousness, Shea is honestly the ~queen~ of street style. TBH, sometimes I look more forward to seeing her outfits than I do to seeing designer’s collections.  

3. Christine Andrew- @hellofashionblog

Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion Blog is another one of my go-to bloggers when it comes to fashion inspiration. Christine is a huge supporter of the edgy-chic trend and over-the-knee boots (my absolute favorite!). Fashion is all about experimentation and taking risks, so go ahead and follow Christine Andrew on Instagram for inspiration on how to do so!

4. Amber Fillerup- @amberfillerup


If you are not already following Amber Fillerup on every single form of social media, you need to get your life in check. I’m serious. Not only does Amber have the absolute trendiest style, she has the cutest family EVER. Amber lives in NYC with her husband/ blog photographer (goals, I know) along with her overly adorable babies. Following Amber on Instagram seriously gives me life. Aside from Amber’s super cute family and fashion sense, she is the queen of hair braiding.

5. Kendall Kremer- @styledsnapshots

I highly suggest making your way over to Kendall Kremer’s Instagram for constant style inspiration that’s cute, yet extremely practical. Kendall is a master at putting together the perfect New York City ready-to-wear, chic outfit. From blanket scarves to brown suede booties, Kendall time after time displays her super on trend fashion sense.

6. Julia Engel- @juliahengel

For classy, chic style beyond compare, make your way over to Julia Engel’s Instagram. Julia absolutely never fails to put together effortless outfits that are timeless yet completely on trend. Her fashion game has been EXTREMELY on point this season, might I add. Her and her tortoise-shell glasses wearing, photographer of a husband take #relationshipgoals to a whole other level.