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These Nail TikToks By Dom From ‘Perfect Match’ Are My Next Mani Inspo

The season finale of Perfect Match Season 1 premiered on March 1, and it’s safe to say I’m devastated that the show has come to an end. When Netflix had the idea to bring together some of their most iconic former contestants to create their own Bachelor in Paradise type reality television show, I have to say, I was skeptical to see how it was all going to play. However, the show has quickly gained widespread approval from audiences, with one contestant in particular drawing in a lot of love and attention on social media. Yes, I’m talking about Rom-Com Dom of course, and if you haven’t checked his socials out, his TikTok is growing pretty quickly. In particular, viewers have fallen in love with Dom’s quintessential nail content that I’m totally pulling inspiration of my own from. 

While Dom may have walked away with the title of Season 1’s “perfect match” alongside his then-girlfriend Georgia Hassarati, it’s clear that fans are falling in love with him far beyond his appearances on Netflix. Dom’s TikTok account has been popping off lately with him sharing hilarious content about everything from his time on the dating show to trendy dance content.

One of Dom’s most notable forms of content, though, stems from his nail art. Yes, Dom has sported some pretty cool nail looks that I have to say I’m pretty jealous of. Let’s take a look at some of Dom’s most iconic nail art styles that have made the internet swoon for him even harder. 

His Perfect Match heart-inspired set is giving all the vibes.


Guess the episode 4 nail 👀 😂 what designs should I get for the new episodes? 💅🏽 #perfectmatch @Netflix

♬ We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

After Perfect Match premiered on Valentine’s Day, Dom took to TikTok on Feb. 17 to show off his brand new manicure that quite literally represents the essence of the show. With an assortment of red, pink, and white-colored nails that show off varying heart decals, it looks like these nails are to celebrate the holiday of love. 

I’m dying for the rhinestone heart that Dom shows off on his pointer finger, so if you see me wearing the same style in the next few weeks, mind your business! Oh, not to mention that the video on TikTok uses the sound of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” so it looks like Dom was trying to tell us something before Perfect Match even finished airing. Tea!

Dom shows off his emotional Cancer roots.


“Why is it raining?” 🤷🏽‍♂️🥹 #perfectmatch #crybaby #nailart

♬ original sound – ant

OK, first off, if you didn’t know that Dom is a Cancer, now you know. In one of his most recent nail art videos, Dom sports nails that individually spell out “crybaby” accompanied by a nail with the Cancer zodiac sign symbol. Cancers are actually known as the most emotional sign of them all (hello, they are water signs!), so these nails just make perfect sense. Also, Dom has been pretty vocal about embracing his Cancer sign roots, which is content that I always live to see. We love a man who can embrace his emotional side while showing off his zodiac sign. 

He poked fun at people assuming he wasn’t straight because he gets his nails done.


Nobody asked for your input but…Cool! 👍🏽

♬ original sound – DL TOOTS

With the same Perfect Match-inspired set of nails, Dom took a meme approach to shut down haters who assume he may not be straight just because he gets his nails done. In the video, the text, “You get your nails done? You’re definitely not straight” is highlighted, with Dom seemingly saying this is something that he gets told a lot. He merely responds by showing off his beautiful set of nails, mouthing the sound that just says, “cool.” Way to combat toxic masculinity, Dom. Once again, I’m totally here for this man! 

He shows off just how much he loves anime.


Reply to @misscharliebee please don’t read the captions…🥲 #fypシ #nailart #naruto #anime #akatsuki #nailtech #foryou

♬ original sound – Dom Gabriel

It’s clear that Dom uses his nails as just another creative form of expression, which is one of the things that fans love about him so much. In this particular video, we’re able to learn even more about Dom when he reveals that he’s an anime lover. 

Dom claps back against toxic masculinity once again. 


they be mad af over some polish lmao 😭

♬ original sound – 🤍

In this TikTok video, Dom (once again) showcases the reaction that he often faces from people when they realize that he gets his nails done. Really, what better way to poke at toxic masculinity than to make fun of it on TikTok?

He shows his *impeccable* urge to have great nails.

Following the “feminine urge” trend that swarmed everyone’s FYP a few years back, Dom makes a joke stating that he always has to have better nails than the women he dates. Honestly, he’s not wrong: His nails in this video look better than mine have since I used to religiously visit the nail salon in high school. 

Dom showcases his love for Harry Potter on his nails.


I’m very excited about these nails. Clearly. 😂 #harrypotter #nailart #slytherin

♬ original sound – Dom Gabriel

Harry Potter lovers, this one’s for you! Clearly Dom is a huge fan, and he shows this off with this set of intricate nail art inspired by the series, something he’s living for in this TikTok.

Dom says his nails make him feel like a “bad b*tch.”


best nails on this app 😌💅🏽

♬ original sound – Briley Meeks

OK, this TikTok sound was clearly made for Dom. In the audio, someone is complimenting a child’s nails, to which they ask, “how do they make you feel?” The reply is the best part of this video, because the audio sounds out that this perfect manicure makes them feel “like a bad b*tch.” Dom’s mani shows off an assortment of prints in different blue, black, and green colors, which I’m officially obsessed with. 

This is my sign that I am a Rom-Com Dom stan.


It’s me. Hi. I’m the boyfriend. It’s me.

♬ original sound – ⊹ ◡̎ ♡

Following another “this is your sign” trend, Dom shows off another set of intricate black nails, to which the text on the video states that the audience needs to find “a boyfriend who will match nail sets with you.” I mean, imagine the power that you and your significant other could share if you walked around with matching nail designs? Dom is definitely onto something here.

He’s a 10… because he paints his nails, duh.


#stitch with @omermajidshorts respectfully Ima 6 but the nails add points I guess 😂

♬ original sound – Dom Gabriel

This TikTok of Dom’s starts off with a stitch of another creator’s videos. In the OG video, the creator asks a girl the question of, “He’s a 10, but he paints his nail,” seemingly asking her to what “number” she’d then rank said mystery man. The woman being interviewed then replies back with a whopping 15, breaking the scale, to which the creator asks why. Then, Dom pops up on the screen asking what he meant by that, showing off another eye-catching set of blue, black, and pink nails. He’s done it again, your honor.

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