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“Rom-Com Dom” From ‘Perfect Match’ Is The Internet’s Latest Crush

Perfect Match on Netflix has become the latest obsession of 2023 since its Valentine’s Day premiere. I’m seriously counting down the days until the last four episodes become available on Feb. 28. The show is basically Bachelor in Paradise meets Love Island, and I haven’t been this excited for a Netflix show since You Season 4 premiered a few days earlier. Perfect Match takes place in Panama, with a huge sleepover including singles from many popular Netflix reality shows. One contestant in particular has completely captured not just my attention, but all of the viewers and even the other contestants: Dom from the Netflix show The Mole. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Episodes 1 to 8 of Perfect Match Season 1 follow.

Dom is one of the OG contestants on Perfect Match, having been there since Episode 1. On night one, Dom matched up with Francesca, but the two didn’t last long as Francesca chose to go on a date with an old flame that left Dom heartbroken. This action almost had him leave the house, but after some convincing from the girls, Dom paired up with Georgia and even asked her to be his girlfriend! As the show is coming to an end, I wanted to learn more about the lover boy and nice guy who hopefully won’t finish last — fingers crossed!

What is Dom from Perfect Match‘s age and zodiac sign?

Dom, full name Dominique Gabriel, is from Toronto, Canada. Also known as “Rom-Com Dom,” his age is a mystery as no one seems to know his birthday, but some sources say he’s born in 1993, making him about 29 or 30 right now. He is a known Cancer, though, and he makes many relatable TikTok videos about his astrological sign

Before Perfect Match, he had a “Tom Cruise-ish era” on The Mole.

Season 1 of the rebooted show The Mole was our first introduction to Dom. The show takes place in Australia, and is a competition show where 12 competitors work together in a series of challenges to find the one person trying to sabotage the group as the mole. Unlike Perfect Match, it’s not a dating show.

Dom played The Mole very similar to how he’s playing Perfect Match: with his heart. He was known as the most genuine player and talked about wanting to make his mom proud. He hit it off with fellow player, William James Richardson, who went on to win the season and joined the other contestants of Perfect Match during the most recent episodes.

On The Mole, a lot of the competitors were threatened by Dom. After trusting the wrong people, he was eliminated in Episode 4, shocking even the other players. Dom was almost offered a chance to return to the game through a challenge given to the other players, but they ultimately decided not to bring him back.

Dom is at his prime on Instagram and TikTok.


yeah I know, Ima fool 😂 Keep the slander towards me, not others. We drama free over here with our wine and Oreos 🫶🏽 #perfectmatch

♬ original sound – FJerry

On social media, Dom has become a big hit since Perfect Match, racking up millions of views on his videos about his experience on the show and just being an overall relatable adult. His social media accounts share the same username, @dontcalldom, on Instagram and TikTok. Currently, he has 137K Instagram followers and 717.3K followers on TikTok.  

He’s also in a band, DØNTCALL. 

In 2021, Dom and his roommate, Keegan Grebanier, started a band along with Jaden Spanier called DØNTCALL. The pop band is influenced by the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s pop punk era and media. Their first song is “Glossier Lips” and all their other songs are available on Spotify

The band says on their Spotify profile that they would watch classic rom-coms on mute while making their music. I’m honestly intrigued and going to continue listening to see what’s next for them!

Does Dom currently have a girlfriend?

As of Episode 8, “Mixes and Matches,” Dom’s girlfriend is Georgia Hassarati from Too Hot Too Handle, but if you’ve been keeping up with the cast of the show on social media like I have, then you’d know that Georgia is currently sparking romance rumors with ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey. This is a little messy, as Jowsey is also the ex-fiancé of Perfect Match contestant Francesca, who was originally with Dom on the show. 

This revelation leaves me with many questions as to how the show will end, though I can only guess that Dom is single or at least not with Georgia. It is possible that Dom will explore things with Ines in one of the next episodes, since she confessed her feelings to him. We can only finish this season of Perfect Match to find out!

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