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dom, georgia, bartise, and izzy on perfect match
dom, georgia, bartise, and izzy on perfect match
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The ‘Perfect Match’ Couples’ Zodiac Signs Might Have Predicted Their Fates

Netflix’s reality dating show Perfect Match provides a similar excitement as to when the Avengers first joined forces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Except instead of world-saving superheroes, we have… hot people in bathing suits who argue a lot. But still! Exciting stuff! The biggest question for viewers, as with any reality dating show, however, is whether any of these couples are truly compatible. And while host Nick Lachey has his methods of finding out — through the daily compatibility challenges — I’m also super curious what the stars have to say about the astrological compatibility of the Perfect Match cast. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for the finale of Perfect Match Season 1 follow.

In this show, which premiered on Netflix on Feb. 14, past contestants from a ton of other Netflix reality shows, including Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and more gather on a tropical island to search for their “perfect match” through mingling, challenges, and getting set up on dates by their fellow contestants in the boardroom. As you can imagine, things get dramatic real fast.

The Feb. 28 finale finally showed us which couple got to take home the crown — in what could be called a surprise twist, it was Dom and Georgia. However, they’re not the only couple that was together in the finale, and while not all of these pairs have remained romantic after filming wrapped, I’m still interested in how they got this far (except for you, Nick and LC — you kind of just… appeared). But how do these stars’ astrological signs work together when it comes to romance? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

georgia and dom on perfect match

Dom & Georgia

Let’s start with our winning couple. Dom and Georgia seemed to come out of nowhere as a pairing, after Francesca left Dom for Damian. I wasn’t sure how the two of them matching up would pan out, but seeing them make things official as boyfriend and girlfriend later on in the season meant there was definitely something special there. Unfortunately, It was already pretty fair to assume that Dom and Georgia are no longer together based on their social media after Perfect Match wrapped, a fact they later confirmed themselves.

Still, did their zodiac signs potentially spell trouble for these two? Dom is a Cancer, something he talks a lot about in his TikToks —  see this one about being into earth sign women, and this one about being into Virgos, and this one about wanting an earth sign for a partner. Georgia is a Sagittarius… aka a fire sign. So do with that what you will.

A Cancer-Sag romance is not the most compatible, and both signs will have to put in the effort to make things work. They have a shared sense of wonder and curiosity that might unite them, but Cancers’ deep and sensitive emotions might not be the best match for Sag’s unpredictability. Sure, they could both meet in the middle, but with Georgia in Australia and Dom in Canada, I don’t blame them for throwing in the towel this time.

Joey & Kariselle

While they didn’t win the competition, you could argue Joey and Kariselle won something even bigger — they got engaged! Joey later revealed that they didn’t end up staying together, so maybe they weren’t so compatible after all, but considering they’re still posting photos together on Instagram, I’d say they’re at least on somewhat good terms. Chloe Veitch even told Her Campus that she thinks they should’ve been crowned “perfect match.”

Joey and Kariselle have birthdays just days apart, actually, making them both Sagittarians. That bodes well for a relationship: A double-Sag relationship can mean optimism and agreeability. In other words, they’ll have a lot of fun together. However, having the same weaknesses as your partner can lead to more annoyances and arguments, so they’ll have to work on their communication skills. Considering how they’ve kept in touch after splitting up, it seems like they might have worked on communicating already after all.

Shayne & Chloe

So we all know that the love triangle between Shayne, Chloe, and Mitchell took up a big part of the season, and after Chloe decided to break things off with Mitchell and go back to Shayne, it seems like the two of them had sealed the deal. They seemed happy together at the end of the season, but things didn’t last much longer, with Chloe confirming they don’t speak anymore and that she’s now single.

With these two, we’re looking at a Taurus (Shayne) and Pisces (Chloe), which is a happy bond with an emphasis on pleasure. (I buy this, given their sensual first date on the island.) Both signs tend to be searching for their ideal life partner, making this a good match — but Taurus’ stubbornness could get in the way here (looking at you, Shayne…).

georgia and dom on perfect match

Bartise & Izzy

Bartise and Izzy matched up in the finale episode kind of randomly, TBH. They already gave things a shot earlier in the season but called it off, and even said in the finale episode that they don’t feel like they’ve found their perfect match in each other. Points for honesty, I guess!

That’s a little ironic, considering their signs: They’re both Cancers, a pairing that Bustle calls a “soulmate relationship.” Their shared values and dispositions (remember, Cancers are emotional) mean they just… get each other. It looks like Izzy and Bartise never even tried to make things work after filming ended, though, so the stars might not factor in for this specific couple.

Nick & LC

Oh, right. These two. Like Izzy and Bartise, Nick and LC also admitted they’re not each other’s ideal partners — they’re both late entries to the house (re-entry, in Nick’s case), and mostly matched with each other because their options were limited. They never had any beef, so it’s very possible that they could’ve been great together, but LC was only around for a couple of episodes, so I guess we’ll never know. They’re not together anymore, BTW — none of the couples on the show are, according to People. Yikes.

Nick is a Virgo and LC an Aquarius. This makes them a… fine match, but nothing to write home about. Their shared problem-solving skills might allow them to have deep conversations and work through issues together, but their different personalities and communication styles might lead to mixed signals or talking past each other. Overall, I agree — these two are not a perfect match.

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