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9 Concert Tops That Transcend Musical Genre

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Just like there are still “going out tops” (don’t let anyone tell you different) there is a genre of shirt that can best be identified as a concert top. If you’ve stocked up on tickets to music festivals or one-off shows for this summer, you’re likely already looking for some perfect concert tops that will make you feel good and still look fresh after hours of dancing to your fave artist.

A concert top can truly be any top if you want it to be, but they usually fall into a few buckets. For starters, you can lean into sparkle and sequins way more with a concert top than you would for any other day-to-night look. And whether you’re more hip hop or pop rock, leaning into faux leather, mesh, and baring a little skin is highly recommended for a concert look. Because why not? Not only is it cute, but a skimpy tank or mesh crop top will also keep you from sweating your face off in a crowd, whether you’re dancing or not.

A concert is also the perfect place to try out a new trend, if only for the simple fact that no one is looking at you! They’re way too busy trying to make a TikTok of their own concert top or whoever is on stage, so you have a little freedom to test out trends you wouldn’t normally wear and see if you feel at home in them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Tillee Lace Up Top

This understated tank has just enough shimmer to make it rock’n’roll.

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Wrap Front Crop Sweater

This crop sweater will go with anything, whether it’s cowboy boots and a mini skirt or a pair of platform sneakers and jeans.

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off-shoulder mesh top

This off-the-shoulder top comes in a handful of colors and sizes depending on what you’re going for.

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sequin fringe top

Is is skimpy, shimmery, and something you can likely only wear in an open field at a music festival this summer? Yes, yes, and totally depends. But go for it! Pair with jeans or go wild and get the matching hot pants, too.

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sheer rhinestone tank

This is a super versatile tank that you can throw on over a sports bra or bikini top to stay cool while dancing your way through the crowds.

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tie front t-shirt

OK, you don’t have to sparkle or bare all at a concert either. This tie-front t-shirt is cute and breathable, easy to adapt to any style of bottom. And it’s Old Navy, so it comes in a wide range of sizes and color options.

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sheer layering tank

This sheer tank is perfect for layering for a concert night. It comes in this neutral brown and black, but also a light sage green, which can be super cute (as long as you can protect it from spills in the mosh pit).

mesh layering tank?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

tie back corset top

This tie-back corset tank comes in black, a foamy green, and a white and blue floral print for flirtier looks.

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polka dot tie top

It’s long-sleeved, but sheer and cropped enough so that you won’t look like a wet dog by the encore.

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