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ARMYs, These “Butter”-Themed Samsonite RED Bags Are Too Cute

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new semester. If you’re anything like me, the first couple of weeks of the month are all about getting rid of the old and making room for the new, whether that means buying the latest Starbucks drinkware sets for my daily coffee runs before class or gutting my old planner in favor of a new one for 2023. New year, a new collection! But, besties — I have a surprise for how you can up the ante on your back-to-school accessories, and it has something to do with butter and your favorite boy band, BTS.

Samsonite RED, the Millennial and Gen Z-marketed branch of the American luggage manufacturer and retailer, launched the BTS Butter Collection and Butter RECIPE campaign on Jan. 12. This highly anticipated collab collection of products is inspired by BTS’ hit song “Butter.” After a successful launch in Asia in October, the release is now available in North America. The collection includes 10 items, ranging from luggage to backpacks, all with the signature golden yellow color and style from the track. The collection even has a U.S-exclusive expandable bag for the taking! 

Want to show off that you’re a true ARMY while on campus? Then it’s definitely time to check out some of these products from the collab!

BTS Butter & Samsonite Red Medium Backpack

This casual and stylish Medium Backpack ($160) pays homage to “Butter” by being entirely black on the outside but featuring the signature yellow color on the inside. The backpack also showcases stitched “Butter” lettering, as well as the song’s adorable heart design at the bottom. With its spacious storage and side pockets, this bag is a subtle way of showing off your love for the track and band while carrying all your textbooks.

BTS Butter & Samsonite Red Pouch Bag

The crossbody Pouch Bag ($60) is available in two colors: black or yellow, and is embroidered with the “Butter” lettering in the center. The pouch bag is a multifunctional product that can store any of your supplies and accessories while you’re on the go between classes.

BTS Butter & Samsonite Red Mini Crossbody

The half-yellow, half-black color block styling and totally cute heart butter design on the pockets of the Mini Crossbody ($50) are perfect for storing smaller items like credit cards or earphones. Maybe even keep some of your favorite photo cards inside; I know I will!

BTS Butter & Samsonite Red Expandable Bag

Are you more of a tote bag girlie?  With its size and numerous pocket spaces, the Expandable Bag ($80) is perfect for keeping your laptop or textbooks secure for the new semester. The design has a distinctive look with its two-tone color scheme of black and yellow, plus the “Butter” title styled on the yellow side of the bag.

All of the collection’s cute and stylish designs are melting my heart (yes, I know that sounds corny). Not only does the collab have pieces that are ideal for the school semester, but it also includes a variety of suitcases options and 3-in-1 luggage tags, so you’ll be able to pack in style when you achieve your vision board goals by following through on future travel plans. I think my bank account may be in serious jeopardy. Maybe it’s time to re-open my Spotify playlist, listen to “Butter,” and watch more BTS content videos while I shop for these products online.

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