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best planners 2023
best planners 2023
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The Best 2023 Planners For Students To Stay Organized In The New Year

With 2022 wrapping up in the next few weeks and a brand new year ahead, it’s so refreshing to think of what’s in store. Whether it’s school, a new job, a big move, or making plans with friends, the new year can get hectic in the blink of an eye. So, it’s vital — especially as a student — to purchase a new planner to keep all your important dates organized and keep you from being overwhelmed. And there are a lot of 2023 planners for students out there to choose from.

As someone who has bought many planners throughout the years, I’ve really struggled to find one that I used for more than a month because of how bland they can be. Lots of yearly planners lack color, vibrance, and overall ~aesthetic~ to keep me interested throughout the year. 

Luckily, there are a few brands making some amazing planners that can match any aesthetic or theme. Plus, many planners now focus on specific areas of interest, like wellness, fitness, mental health, finance, and even meal planning. Here are some of the best 2023 planners for students to check out and start your year off on the right foot.

Papier Joy 2023 Planner ($32)

Papier is a brand solely focused on helping you plan any event, with many options ranging from daily to monthly planners. The brand also has a wide variety of styles, and have the option of customization to fit your aesthetic.

Day Designer 2023 Daily Planner ($68)

If you’re looking for a chic and stylish planner, Day Designer is your go-to. This brand has the cutest designs, from florals to monochrome, and lots of their options include beautiful gold accents.

Ban.Do Classic 12-Month Planner ($20)

If you need a more exciting planner that doesn’t bore you, ban.do offers bright and eccentric planners that have cute mottos to live by on the cover. 

The Happiness Planner ($59)

The Happiness Planner focuses not only on organizing your life, but also focusing on you. This planner has a chic vibe and includes daily quotes, self-love, gratitude and reflections, and helps track sleep and exercise. This is the best option for those who need to prioritize themselves this year.

Papercode Daily Planner ($10)

If you’re looking for a planner while balling on a budget, Amazon has many options for you. This Papercode Daily Planner is about $10, and includes cute pastel colors and stickers to accessorize your events.

Greer Chicago Overlay Shapes Lay Flat Pocket Planner ($16)

Greer Chicago has planners of all kinds, specifically for those who lose track of using their planners consistently. These undated planners allow you to begin your scheduling goals at any time of year, and their geometric covers are too pretty not to buy.

JSTORY Large Weekly Planner ($17)

A new year means a new class schedule for college students, so the Large Weekly Planner may be a good option to keep you on track for your assignments, exams, or projects. This planner is also bigger than regular planners, so you will have enough room to jot down any or everything.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Minute Planner ($35)

If you’re addicted to the color pink like me, there’s no doubt that this planner will speak to you. This planner gives major Elle Woods vibes. It’s specialized to lift you up with positive habits, with spaces to plan your skin care, daily routine, intentions, workouts, and more.

Ivory Paper Co 12-Month Daily Planner ($65)

This brand is for very studious and type-A girlies that need a planner to keep their life straight. Ivory Paper Co has specific planners to match your life and routine, such as academic planners, social media planners, teacher planners, and even budgeting planners.

Be Rooted Undated Planner ($15)

Buying planners at Target is super convenient with tons of options to choose from. This specific Be Rooted planner is for the girlies that need help tracking their wellbeing by writing down their priorities, meal prep, and water intake.

Erin Condren Metallic New Year Lifeplanner ($64)

Erin Condren comes with so many planner options, it’s almost overwhelming. The brand has planners for all people, like ones for students, teachers, tutors, and even soon-to-be brides.

Cloth & Paper Student Bundle ($45)

This brand is perfect for my minimalist girlies who adore the simple colors of black and white. This planner is designed to make your organization feel more luxurious, and is able to help college kids keep all class information in order. Plus, they have pages dedicated to tracking website passwords, so you never forget them again.

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