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It’s The Year Of The Rabbit & Starbucks Has The Cutest Merch For It

It’s the Year Of The Rabbit, besties. The Chinese New Year starts on January 22, and Starbucks dropped adorable drinkware to celebrate it. If you’re Starbucks-obsessed, or a friend of a coffee fiend, you have to hop on this trend. Your cabinet is probably crammed full of bejeweled tumblers and holiday mugs, however, it would be a serious misfortune not to add one of these cuddly-cute specialty items to your already lovely collection. 

This Lunar year, it’s the rabbit’s time to shine. The rabbit is the luckiest sign in the 12 Chinese Zodiac symbols, meant to foster hope, prosperity, and calmness. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2023 is going to be a yin year: a year characterized by passive goodness; something college students could all use after the chaos of the last couple of pandemic years. This year, rather than unstable havoc, anticipate a vibe of gentleness, tranquility, and good fortune. This year’s auspicious Chinese rabbit says you can expect that the best is yet to come. What better way to relax with open palms and let the good times roll than by sipping an oat milk latte out of Starbucks’ latest and cutest (IMO) specialty mugs?

You can grab these mugs in any local Starbucks store while supplies last. So, take some time on your next lunch break to snag one of your own!

Year of the Rabbit Mug (14 oz.)
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This adorbs rabbit-shaped mug ($17) is a perfect pairing for your morning journaling routine. Whether you’re setting your intentions or manifesting your goals, this flower-adorned bunny mug is sure to add some auspicious magic to your first sip of morning coffee. 

Year of the Rabbit Tumbler (12 oz.)
Starbucks US Year of the Rabbit Tumbler?width=500&height=500&fit=cover&auto=webp

In a rush? Starbucks has got you! You can still pack that good luck into this to-die-for hot pink travel mug as you wave to catch a taxi or swig coffee in your business meeting. This fun Year of The Rabbit Tumbler ($23) will add some color and fortune to an otherwise dull workday. 

Year of the Rabbit Cold Cup (24 oz.)
Starbucks US Year of the Rabbit Cold Cup?width=500&height=500&fit=cover&auto=webp

Even the most seasoned coffee addicts need their water. When you’re setting down the java for a refreshing sip of water, do so in style. This Starbucks Year of the Rabbit Cold Cup ($21) is an eye-catcher! You definitely won’t forget to take that hydration break with its popping pink color. 

This Lunar Year collection is so cute, I can’t decide which one to buy. Buy one, or all and purchase a matching set for your friends. You’ll all be toasting the New Year with some yang, prosperity, good luck, and of course the cutest mugs! As you sip your drink of choice from one of these striking mugs, be sure to set your intentions for a calm, blessing-abounding year!

Ashlynn is a published poet who studies Religion and English at Southwestern University. On the off chance she isn't writing or burying her nose in another psychology book, she is probably eating sushi with her friends. She loves boba, doing yoga, and rummaging antique vinyl stores!