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10 BTS RM & Jin Friendship Moments To Remember, Because Jin’s Enlisting Soon

The time has come, ARMY. On Oct. 17, HYBE entertainment issued a statement announcing that BTS’ oldest member, Jin, will begin his mandatory military enlistment by the end of October after finishing his solo project endeavors. While many fans were thrilled to hear about Jin’s plans to release his first solo single album, they were also heartbroken to learn that BTS would not reunite as a group until 2025, meaning that it may be a while before we get to see sweet BTS memories being made, like RM and Jin’s friendship moments. 

As ARMY continues to cope with the situation, it’s also important to reminisce on the fond memories the members have shared over the years. Throughout their nearly decade-long career, BTS has provided fans with a wide range of content to watch, including their series RUN BTS, live streams, and even behind-the-scenes moments. There’s plenty of content to keep you occupied until the boys return better than ever. Walk down memory lane and take a look at the 10 most adorable and hilarious friendship moments between our favorite leader, RM, and Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself, Jin (don’t forget to bring some tissues, everyone — myself included).

Dynamic Duo Karaoke

BTS decided to try their hand at karaoke to celebrate FESTA 2020, an event to mark and celebrate BTS’ group anniversary with ARMY. The group was only allowed to sing their own songs and could win prizes after each track. Jin and RM performed a hilarious rendition of J’hope’s “Ego,” Suga’s “Seesaw,” and Jungkook’s “Euphoria.” The duo was as chaotic as they were comedic, frequently being uncoordinated on who was singing what line. Plus, RM’s adlibs and Jin’s unexpected rapping skills stole the show. You’ll want to join them in their high-energy antics throughout the episode!

Jin Photobombing RM

A clip posted on one of BTS’s channels, Bangtan TV, showed RM in a behind-the-scenes look at his FESTA 2021 Family Portrait photoshoot. Jin mischievously decided to prank RM by throwing his shoes and then his coat in front of the camera to ruin the shots. RM laughed it off and later joked for him to “please hurry and leave.”

“Namjin” V LIVE

Last year, the duo decided to host a joint VLIVE in which they introduced themselves affectionately as “Namjin” by combining the first letters of RM’s name, “Nam-joon,” with the last letters of Jin’s name, “Seok-jin.” On the V LIVE, they attempted to build a Lego figurine of their BT21 characters, Koya and RJ. They also played games and revealed TMIs, such as their fathers being best friends!

Teasing Jungkook during the mint-chocolate debate

Another moment provided by SportsKeeda showcased Episode 65 of RUN BTS. In the episode, the members had to debate whether they liked or disliked the mint chocolate flavor and why. In one scene from the episode, Jungkook asked the anti-mint chocolate side (RM, Jin, V, and Jimin) if they disliked brushing their teeth, which RM and Jin didn’t hesitate to tease him for. RM said he “wants to die when he brushes his teeth,” and Jin responded with, “Me too.” They continued to tease Jungkook by reenacting what they do every time they have to brush their teeth. The interaction perfectly demonstrates the harmless fun of older brothers making fun of the youngest (the timestamp is 12:29 if you want to skip ahead and watch)!

Bon Voyage Season 2 restaurant hangout

Bon Voyage, a VLIVE exclusive series, follows the members as they travel to various parts of the world; in Season 2, it followed the boys’ trip to Hawaii. The season’s second episode featured Jin and RM going to a restaurant to have an in-depth conversation about missing their parents, what was most significant in their lives, and their past musical history. When staff asked Jin how he felt after speaking with RM following the outing, Jin replied, “It was a load off my mind. Because I do have worries and concerns … I do have emotions kept inside. But [RM] is our leader and a friend I can rely on. As we got to talk about serious stuff together, I [felt] a load got off my mind yesterday.”

Making Kimchi and Cooking Together

In Episode 35 of Run BTS, the duo reunited with V to prepare and compete against the other members to see who could make the best kimchi. In Episode 36, Jin and RM worked together to prepare a dish using the kimchi they made in the previous episode. Jin is known to be one of the best cooks in the group, while RM is unquestionably one of the worst, so seeing them interact was hilarious. Throughout the episode, the two argued about the right measurements, whether to dice onions, and even whether the water was cold or hot!

Appreciating their differences during FESTA 2019

During FESTA 2019, the members were asked personal questions about their lives and careers up to this point. One of the questions was about whether the members had changed since their debut, and the group decided to have the person next to each member answer for them.

RM and Jin were sitting next to each other, so RM responded, “As for Jin, from how I see it … we used to talk things out at cafes. Jin and I were very different before, with opposite personalities. So I wondered, how could I understand him? I had never met someone like him. Then at some point on, I was able to understand him and things became easier for us.” This brief exchange proved how the two were able to appreciate their differences and grow closer over time.

“We Love BTS” Sweets party in Harajuku Interview

BTS sat down again for a Hulu Japan “We Love BTS” interview to share what they liked about the member next to them. This time, it was Jin’s turn to compliment RM. Jin said, “Not just in our group, but in the human race, he has great sensitivity. … He wrote the lyrics for my solo song ‘Awake’ as well as many BTS songs. When I read his lyrics, I always think, ‘How can he think of these expressions? How great can his sensitivity be?’”

Sharing a sentimental moment during FESTA 2018

During BTS’ FESTA 2018 episode, when the members were asked to share their life mottos, Jin stated that his motto was to stay on the bright side no matter what. “That’s just like you,” RM responded.

“I hate it when things get down,” Jin continued, “so when things get gloomy. I try to make the mood better. But sometimes, that backfires. So that breaks my heart because I want people [to be] happy.” The members immediately tried to console Jin after his statement, RM being among the first to express how grateful he and the rest of the members were for his positive attitude.

He mentioned an instance where they were preparing to go on the show Knowing Bros, saying, “You breaking the ice [then] made us feel comfortable. Because we struggled, I felt it very hard, [I was] afraid I’d make mistakes. But you said those funny things … you brightened the mood.” Are there any more tissues left for me, please?

Cooking and compliments during FESTA 2020

FESTA 2020 took a different approach compared to the other annual episodes, as this time it first showed the members preparing for their sit-down by decorating the room with party decorations, buying groceries, and having our favorite cooking duo reunite to prepare some of the dishes for the other members.

RM decided to make japchae (stir-fried glass noodles) while Jin opted for jjukkumi samgyeopsal (spicy grilled baby octopus with pork belly). RM struggled with cutting onions and carrots, and Jin had to scold and teach him while encouraging him to keep cooking (after many complaints they both successfully made their dishes).

The members were then able to sit down and get personal. They began to discuss who they thought was the most hardworking, and the majority agreed that it was Jin. RM added that Jin “works very hard when he does his job.When we practiced ‘ON,’ he [made] time to take lessons alone. … It’s not an easy job to do that, seven years into your career. That’s why I think you are great. Didn’t I say you are great then?” Now that’s what I call heartwarming!

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