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Glittery Alien, Classic Black Cat, & More Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially if you’re in college. Finally, we all have the chance to get creative with our costumes on our own terms! However, many of us don’t have the time or resources to get super fancy, devote hours to hair and makeup, or spend our paychecks on intricate costumes. Fortunately, though, getting creative with your makeup can go a long way — plus, it’ll make you look prepared for any Halloween party, even if you don’t have a costume picked out. To help you out this Halloween, here are seven last-minute Halloween makeup ideas for when you procrastinated on a costume, but still want to celebrate.

An adorable deer

All you need is some black and brown eyeliner, lip liner, bronzer, and mascara to achieve this look. Although the white dots are totally optional, you can use white eyeliner to draw them on. To really pull the look together, pair your makeup with adorable space buns, and you’ll give off Bambi vibes in no time. It’s sweet, simple, and easy-to-execute — AKA the perfect makeup look for any college student this Halloween.

Creepy-cute doll

If you’re going for a cute-yet-creepy vibe this Halloween, look no further than doll-inspired makeup. For this look, all you need is heavy black eyeliner, red lipstick, and blush. Although fake lashes are totally optional, adding them to your look will make it extra unsettling. Complete your creepy doll-inspired look with braids, pig-tails, or hair bows, then throw on a cute dress. Not only is the look easy to execute, but it’s accessible and perfect for a last-minute costume!

classic black cat

Whether you procrastinated on your Halloween costume this year or you’re trying to achieve something sweet and simple, you can never go wrong with the classic black cat. And if you’re not super into makeup or want something that won’t require a million new products, this is the one for you! Black eyeliner is the main requirement, however, I also suggest using a liquid lip product for your nose — it’s easier to paint on, and will last all night. Add some space buns and fake lashes for some extra flair. Meow, indeed.

A playful mime

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When was the last time you saw someone dress up as a mime for Halloween? That’s right — probably not too often. If you want to try a unique costume that’ll stand out in any crowd, try this mime-inspired makeup look. All you need is some white face paint, eyeliner, and any red lipstick or pop of color you want to add. Accessorize with a French beret, and there you have it — a quick, easy, creative costume for those last-minute moments.

a sweet scarecrow

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For this look, I suggest using a coral-toned bronzer and a warm eyeshadow pallete for this warm, autumn-inspired ensemble. Create the scarecrow look by “blacking out” the lips, drawing on some lines to look like stitching, creating a “patch” for your nose, and filling it in with a warm orange or yellow (trust me, it sounds harder than it is). To complete the costume, throw on your favorite fall flannel or some overalls, and you’re good to go!

a glittery alien

Personally, I hope the “glittery alien” makeup look never dies. It’s iconic, can be executed a thousand different ways, and it looks great on everyone. To try the look, you’ll need metallic shadow, loose glitter, lipstick, and highlighter to create a shimmer effect.

The “glittery alien” look leaves tons of room for creativity — you can incorporate whatever colors, textures, and makeup combinations you want to feel your best. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by contouring your face with bold colors, then add highlighter and glitter to the highest points of your face for added shine. Pin up those space buns (are you sensing a theme here?) and don’t be surprised on Halloween if everyone asks how you pulled it off!

Comic book character

“Pop art” makeup will always be iconic on Halloween. It’s super easy to create, and all you need to do is trace your features with black liner, “black out” your brows (the thicker the better), add some bright lipstick and eyeshadow, and voila — you’ll transform into a comic book character! The best part about this makeup look is that nothing has to be perfectly blended or contoured; it’s all about bold lines, shapes, and exaggeration. If you don’t have a lot of makeup experience, this can be a fun one to experiment with. Spice things up with colored dots and tear drops, then complete your look with a funky wig and you’re good to go!

If you procrastinated on a costume this year but still want to partake in the festivities, try these fun makeup looks and you’ll feel prepared in no time. They’re cute, creative, don’t require a massive hair and makeup budget, and you can achieve the looks right from your college dorm. Give these a try, let us know what makeup looks you’re loving this Halloween, and go celebrate (even if it’s last-minute)!

Makenzie is a current Senior at Emmanuel College studying Communications + Media Cultural Studies and Performing Arts. (Try saying that three times fast...) She's been a part of her school's Her Campus chapter since it's very first semester, and has been chapter advising for 2 years. Makenzie is also a National Writer for HC's beauty section, Campus Trendsetter, and former HC Community Development Intern. Makenzie is incredibly excited to be finishing up her last semester as Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Emmanuel. Interested in joining yourself? Hit her up anytime! 
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