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Soap Brows, Terracotta Lipstick, & More Fall Beauty Trends To Try

During back-to-school season, many of us go shopping for new clothes, so why not refresh your beauty routine, too? Whether you’re trying a bold lip color or a new nail design inspired by something you saw on the runway, there are many ways to elevate your look and feel confident heading into the new semester. Here are some fall 2021 beauty trends to try that are cute and easy to execute — because we all know a good beauty routine is one that fits into your busy college lifestyle.

Kitten Liner

You’re already familiar with the classic cat eye, but allow me to introduce you to the “kitten eye”, a daintier, more subtle version that looks flattering on everyone. Celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Rachel Zegler, and Zoë Kravitz embrace the “kitten eye” beautifully, and all it takes is a minute or two to create. Start the liner at the center of your eyelid, then use short strokes to draw along your lash line and end with a tiny, subtle wing.

Berry Lipstick

A bold lip will never go out of style, but fall is a great time to rock a deeper shade you wouldn’t normally go for. Makeup artist Kelly Hunt tells Her Campus, “It’s all about rich, deep colors reminiscent of the ‘90s grunge era.” However, if berry isn’t your thing, she predicts we’ll also see a lot of terracotta (Italian for “baked earth”) — which includes shades like cinnamon and peach — for a fall look that’s rosy and natural.

In contrast to the bright pinks and orange shades that are popular over the summer, celebrity makeup artist Rachel Wood recommends trying a deep, berry-toned lip stain for a fall-inspired look. Megan Fox does it perfectly, and because stains last much longer and require fewer touch-ups than lipstick, the look will give you drama while being low-maintenance enough for busy college days.

Dewy Skin

In case you haven’t heard, glowy, dewy skin is “in” year-round. There’s something about a slick (but not greasy) look that makes you look healthy, refreshed, and hydrated, even if you’re stuck in the library studying for exams. We’re seeing this skincare trend on celebs like Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, and Karlie Kloss, and it just goes to show how stunning a little hydration and strategic highlighter can be. Check out this explainer on the “dolphin skin” trend to try the look for yourself.

New Nail Palette

When pulling together a fall-inspired beauty look, it’s easy to focus on makeup, but you can’t forget about your nails! As we transition from summer to fall, so does your nail color palette. For your next mani, try swapping your bright, neon shades for deep berry, green, and navy, or add some metallics to the mix.

“We’re seeing the deep jewel tones like emerald and garnet, as well as another favorite of mine – slate gray!” Hunt tells Her Campus. “There is nothing more chic than a matte slate-gray nail for fall.” Add some fresh colors to your nail color repertoire, and when in doubt, you can always go for earth tones, which will match perfectly with any fall outfit.

Soft Shag Haircut

While many haircuts and styles are making a comeback this fall, lots of college students are chopping their grown-out-in-quarantine locks and opting for soft, layered shag haircuts. The style adds movement and softness to any look, which can be a nice change for the fall semester. If a soft shag isn’t your thing, try going for layered curls, curtain bangs, a polished lob, or face-framing layers to elevate your look.

Graphic Liner

One of the biggest beauty trends we’ve seen this year is graphic liner, which you can continue to rock in the fall to brighten up your look, even on chilly days. Wood suggests trying a winged cat (or kitten!) eye in a color like forest green or electric blue for a fun night out. Find some inspiration from Gigi Hadid, whose orange and pink look will add a pop of color to any fall outfit.

Natural brows

“Every model I’ve worked with lately comes to set with full, un-groomed brows,” Hunt tells Her Campus. “I recommend plucking a few strays, but other than that, let them grow!” If you’re looking to embrace a more natural look and hop on a beauty trend that’s low-maintenance, this one’s for you. Celebs like Rosie Huntington, In The Heights star Melissa Barrera, and of course, Cara Delevingne will give you a boost of eyebrow inspiration.

If you don’t have brow gel, Wood recommends trying the trend with items you already have in your beauty cabinet. “Take some hairspray on an old toothbrush and brush them up so they look full and lush,” she tells Her Campus. You can also check out the soap brow method — which you may have seen on TikTok — where you actually use a bar of soap to groom your brows!

Lush lashes

Whether you opt for falsies or volume-enhancing mascara, it looks like long, fluttery lashes are here to stay for the fall. And since many of us will still be wearing masks this semester, experimenting with your eye makeup is a great way to bring attention to the part of your face people can see! Addison Rae captures the look perfectly, allowing volume to take over. It’s a great example of how a dramatic eye can set the stage for any fall look — whether you’re heading to class or to a bar for a night out.

Back-to-school can be overwhelming, but your beauty routine shouldn’t have to be. Elevate your look with these fall 2021 beauty trends, and start owning the hallway as if it was your runway.

Kelly Hunt, Makeup Artist
Rachel Wood, Celebrity Makeup Artist

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