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College Beauty Awards: Dorm Essentials

I’ll never forget moving into my college dorm room for the first time. I had a million boxes filled with items I thought I’d need, but after a few weeks, I realized what I really wanted was quality, efficient beauty products that I could use while doing my makeup on the floor or sharing a hallway bathroom with 20 people, and dorm storage solutions to help cut down on unnecessary containers strewn about. So for the 2021 College Beauty Awards, we nailed down just what you need to keep your space organized and yourself feeling flawless.

Dorm sized products

Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier, $40

Drunk Elephant The Littles™ Hair + Body 2.0, $49

CUVÉE BEAUTY Champagne-Infused GoBalm ShampOo & ConditioneR, $40

recurrent FAce wash powder, $16

BLK MKT Brand Unisex Fragrance Balm, $25

Alleyoop pen pal 4-in-1 makeup pen, $25

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 makeup brush, $28

C’est Moi Give ‘Em Face Mask Artist Kit, $42

C’est Moi sleepover facial mask set, $28

Florence by Mills hit reset moisturizing mask pearls, $32

Storage Solutions

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker, $7

Carry Courage Adventurer cosmetic bags, $74

EcoTools Wake Up and Glow Interchangeable Brush Set, $13

Cadence Build Your Six Bundle, $70

PAK palette by pak, $39

Miss Swiss 2-in-1 Brush Holder and Drying Rack, $20

Made By Design Hanging Toiletry Bag, $17

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