7 ’90s Style Trends You Should Embrace This Year

Even though we’re nearly 30 years from the start of the ’90s, it doesn’t mean we’re forgetting the iconic fashion trends the decade brought. From Cher’s and Dionne’s immediately recognizable plaid outfits to Monica’s overalls on Friends, here are some ’90s trends that are making a comeback.

1. Mom jeans

Comfortable, high-waisted and trendy: what more could you ask for? Mom jeans are back and all the rage. Simply throw on a cropped tank top or tuck in a warm long sleeve shirt to keep styling through all the seasons.

2. Chokers

Chokers are the perfect way to bring a little edge with your outfit. Most come in packs online, making them easy to layer above a low-cut shirt or V-neck. Our favorite thing about this comeback trend is the variety of chokers people are wearing. Go for solid black ($14, Etsy) for a traditional look, or a lighter choker with a bead for a more feminine style ($15, Stargaze Jewelry).

3. Overalls

Overalls are back and they’re not just for farmers. The options are endless: printed, patterned ($56, Etsy), skinny bottom ($30, Target), half-undone top – you name it! Pair with some comfortable sneakers and a simple top for a casual look, or low boots and a turtleneck to dress them up.

4. Denim

“Denim. On. Denim. That’s all I’m saying,” Erica Gallusico, a junior at Hunter College, said.
She’s right! Denim is back and everywhere. Erica’s trick is break up the color of washes to make it more flattering and “pay homage to the ’90s while giving it an updated look.”

5. Fun hair accessories

From the simple scrunchie to butterfly clips, hair accessories were all the rage for short hair typically sported in the ’90s. Get creative with clips to get those annoying baby hairs out of your eyes, or pick up a velvet scrunchie to pull it back.

6. Combat Boots

These boots were made for walking. Literally. “Combat boots are super diverse!” says Rachel Klein, a sophomore at Wesleyan University. “You can dress them up and add grunge flair while looking nice, or be casual and dress them down.”

7. Plaid

We know we’ve already mentioned Clueless, but those outfits are unforgettable. Try the ’90s plaid trend with a cute miniskirt when you’re feeling dressy, or throw an oversized plaid flannel over skinny jeans and a graphic tee.

Zephyr Basine, editor-in-chief of College Fashion, suggests modern staples are your best bet when experimenting with ’90s trends.

“Think a scrunchie with denim cutoffs, a wrap top, and trendy white sneakers when it's warm outside, or an oversized denim jacket with ripped skinny jeans and Chelsea boots,” Zephyr said.

No matter what trend you decide to bring back, adding some current flare can help avoid a total throwback in one outfit. Happy time traveling!