To Scrunch or Not to Scrunch: Are Scrunchies Back in Style?

News flash for '90s girls: there is an account on Instagram called “ScrunchiesofInstagram.” No, this is not a drill! As it turns out, its description is as follows: “SCRUNCHTASTIC! Championing the return of the scrunchie, one scrunchie at a time...” But wait, 'scrunchtastic'? 'The return of the Scrunchie'? Are banana clips coming back, too? Assuming many of you are like me, with your head in the proverbial clouds about which trends from the ‘90s are coming back in fashion, you’re probably really confused as to why this Instagram account even exists, right? Yeah, me too.

Topanga from Boy Meets World rockin’ a '90s scrunchie

Now, I haven’t worn a Scrunchie since I was six years old, at least. And I have to say I have my qualms about this sloppy slip-up from the ‘90s making its way back in, but I did find a couple of really cute new styles with this aging trend. Albeit dated and a little frumpy, there are some pros to wearing this “new” (but really quite old) Scrunchie trend.

The Pros: Because it doesn’t have any metal, the Scrunchie doesn’t pull your hair. To be fair, though, neither do the new “fabric hair ties,” which are quite a bit sleeker and more “polished,” if you dare. Still, the Scrunchie certainly makes a statement. When doesn’t a large chunk of cloth protruding from someone’s hair cause eyebrows to raise? If you’re into the whole “'90s throw back grunge” fashion, or if you’re really just lazy, a regular scrunchie might be just fine. Finally, when browsing through the ScrunchiesofInstagram page, I did find some really cute varieties of this “new” scrunchie. Some had little bunny ears and, let’s face it, bunny ears are always adorable.

The Cons: Let’s face facts: no matter how many cute bunny ears these things adorn, they’re still potentially to much of a throwback. You’re better off getting a regular scrunchie and using it as a make-shift sock bun, to be completely frank. Not to mention, of course, the fact that girls with shoulder length hair or shorter never had a chance with the Scrunchie, and those are the styles that are the most “in” as of late, so what’s the point? Finally, scrunchies are also outdated in the sense that they just don’t work like today’s “no-slip grip” and “no-pull” hair ties. Whether I want a sleek, polished pony tail or a messy bun, a scrunchie is the last thing I’d reach for.

The Bottom Line: Though there are cute and “no pull” varieties, scrunchies are outdated and, if you're a fan of simple style, a little bit gaudy. I'd like to reserve this trend for those over thirty -- the people who popularized the scrunchie in the first place.

What do you think? Are scrunchies a definite beauty "don't," or are they a great way to rock your vintage style? Tell us in the comments below!