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How To Style A Blazer For Class, Work, & Everything In Between

If there’s any fashion staple every college student should have – regardless of your identity, sexuality, or gender, it’s a blazer. Not only are blazers stylish for professional settings, but they can be super cute for layering over jeans and a top. Blazers come in many different colors, patterns, textures, and shapes — weed, wool, cropped, double-breasted, loose-fitting, with shoulder pads — the combinations go on and on! Plus, there are a lot of very trendy and cute ways to wear one. Here are my top six ways to style a blazer for just about any college or post-grad occasion. 

bundle up in the cold

During chilly fall and winter months, bundle up and wear a blazer over a warm sweater and dark jeans. Pair your look with some Doc Martens and you’re set. You could even spice it up with a cool suede hat or a black scarf. Try a burgundy or deep red sweater, dark blue denim jeans, black or white Doc Martens, and a red hat for a classic color combo. The addition of red lipstick and nails can also tie in this look.

Get inspired by nature

Lighter-colored blazers, like pea greens or lavenders, look great when combined with off-white linens and tans. One of my favorite fits is a moss green padded blazer over a white halter top and beige culottes (wide-leg pants). I love wearing this look in both the spring and the fall, because it pairs so well with the seasonal blooms and changing autumn trees, and has a very real, zen feel to it.

rock a jewel-toned look

What’s so great about gem colors? Jewel tones are rich, bright, saturated hues that can convey power and emotion. Take emerald, for instance, which feels earthy and alluring. For example, according to color psychology, ruby red is a brilliant color often associated with power and desire, and sapphire tends to be associated with serenity and loyalty.

This semester, try wearing an oversized, jewel-toned blazer over a slip dress for some added structure and pair it with Chelsea boots or block heels. It may be too cold to wear this look in the winter months, but if you’re feeling bold, this outfit could be a showstopper. I’m imagining a bright-colored blazer (i.e. cherry, cerulean, fuchsia) over an amethyst-toned slip dress or an emerald green cowl dress.

try surprising pattern pairings

When it comes to styling a blazer, don’t be afraid to wear something surprising, like a colorful blazer over a blouse with an interesting pattern. Contrast can look good because it makes every part of your outfit stand out against another. If you need some fall fashion inspiration, an eye-catching look might be a blue gingham print blazer over a blue floral camisole.

Back in black

If you’re hoping to try out a bold nighttime look, a double-breasted black suede blazer, dark black tank top or turtleneck, and some black slacks could be perfect for you. Pair the outfit with black stilettos and you’ll look ready to run the evening. The only thing left to complete the look might be some silver or gold jewelry, like hoops, chains, and even safety pins. It will add to the polished feel of your outfit and make for some real badass photos that have a strong street-style vibe. Don’t be afraid to go big with the graphic eyeliner, either.

choose a power color

Like the all-black vibe above, you can always opt for an all-pink outfit one day and a monochrome yellow look the next. Sometimes, when it comes to styling a blazer, there is power in sticking with one part of the color wheel — especially if it is a color that makes you feel confident.

There are even ways to harness your favorite power color to help your skin glow. For those with cool-toned skin, blues and teals with some silver jewelry might look great on you. For those with warm-toned skin, opt for ivory, browns, yellows, greens, and reds. Don’t be afraid to go full-on Power Rangers style when it comes to your next blazer — then, incorporate some gold rings and you'll look like a daughter of Gaea.

Whether you're in college or prepping for post-grad life, blazers can be worn on top of anything and immediately give you a professional and charismatic feel. In the end, though, wear what makes you happy. Fashion is empowering because it gives you the capability to determine how other people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. You can make a political or social statement with what you wear by breaking down boundaries of what is expected of you. Any look can be good, as long as you have the confidence to wear it and love yourself. 

Jennalynn is a non-binary, Asian American student at St. John's University located in Queens, New York. While they are a Pharmacy (PharmD) major, their passions in life are climate activism, photography, and writing. They have been featured in Teen Vogue, The Luna Collective, SUSTAIN The Mag, and are a staff writer at their university newspaper. Check out their website and socials (@jennuinn) to see their work!
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