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Trending Now: 7 Monochromatic Fits That Will Have You Feelin’ The Rainbow

Have you ever thrown open your closet, looked at all your clothes, and realized that you accidentally only have one color in your closet? We’re all guilty of it. For me, it’s either black or lime green. They’re my two favorite colors!

But why not turn your monochromatic closet into a trend? Take all your pieces of the same color and style them — with some inspo from the members of Her Campus’s InfluenceHer Collective. Scroll on to decide which color is your favorite. 

50 Shades of Green



A post shared by HEAVEN CASSATA ❁ (@centralfloridabelle) on

Obvi, I love this green ensemble because it’s my favorite color. What I love even more, though, is the mixed shades of green together. Try playing with different color tones for a similar look.

In the Clear



A post shared by ALYSSA AMATO (@fashionsensored) on

This black fit is amazing, but the clear accessories are everything. Take note — if you don’t have accessories that match the color of your outfit, go with some clear accessories instead. Monochrome outfit hack!

Super Pink



A post shared by Zaria Brown (@adoseoffab) on

Not only does this outfit look cozy, but it’s super pink, down to the watch band. Rock a similar look with matching sweats — I’ve got a neon pair I’m excited to rock. 

White Out



A post shared by Sharee (@____vixxen) on

Even though green is my favorite color, this is def my favorite look. Not only do the pieces match, but the cutouts are so cool. I would recommend finding statement pieces like this is white or black so that they match anything you pair them with. 

Orange You Glad?



A post shared by khadija sillah (@kingkhadija) on

Hmm… maybe this one is my favorite. This burnt orange color is absolutely stunning, and the headscarf flowing in the wind makes this picture. Don’t be afraid to add matching accessories on top of your monochromatic outfit!

Fine Print



A post shared by NGO, MICHELLE (@mchllengo) on

Something tells me this was inspired by the hair. This gray look is super cool, and the addition of the lacy texture and snakeskin belt add more dimension to the look. Mix prints into a monochromatic look for a similar effect.

Leather Chic



A post shared by Julie Thai (@lovejuliethai) on

All-black outfits are stylish and slimming, but to give it more of an edgy feel, add a matching black leather jacket. The addition of the beret in this look makes it feel a little more chic.

My favorite color is definitely still green, but these fits have me feeling other colors now, too. Which look was your favorite?

All looks brought to you by members from Her Campus’s InfluenceHer Collective. Are you an aspiring fashion influencer or blogger? Apply to join Her Campus’s community of millennial and Gen Z influencers today!

Maya is a senior majoring in journalism at Boston University. She has previously written with College Fashionista as an editorial fellow and FASE Magazine as a fashion editorial intern. Passionate about writing, thrift shopping, memes, skin care, and binge-watching Broad City.