The Year of YOU: Positive Reminders for 2019

2019 is officially in full swing and with it comes the pressures of a new year. With each new year we put enormous pressures on ourselves to accomplish new tasks and cut bad habits in order to make the most of the year ahead. Amidst resolutions of all varieties and magnitudes, we often forget to take a minute to reflect and enjoy the journey that a new year brings.  Every small positive thought can have a ripple effect, spreading positivity throughout all aspects of life. Here are 5 positive reminders in order to make this year the year of YOU! Each reminder is titled using song lyrics to commemorate iconic songs of the past and present with positive messages.


Baby You’ve Come a Long Way

You did it! You made it 2019 and I’m sure it wasn't easy. Many of us have overcome challenges and difficulties in the past year, as well as accomplishing victories both big and small. Credit yourself for all your accomplishments and hard work in the past year. It’s so easy to dwell on all the negative aspects of the past year and let them define the year for you but you try to remember the little positive moments that made the year worth while. Whether you've made a new friend, removed a source of negativity,  improved your grades or got a cool job, let that positivity outweigh the negatives of the past and lead you into this fresh start.




I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Often times, those you surround yourself with have an enormous impact on your decisions, motivations and overall state of mind. Your friends and loved ones should be lifting you up and if they are not you may need to reevaluate their place in your life. Speak to your toxic friends and family members, who you may love dearly, about what they are doing that is negatively affecting you and offer them a chance to change. If that does not work, it’s okay to let people go and remove them from your life if they are affecting you negatively.




What Do You Say to Taking Chances

Taking risks can be incredibly daunting, especially when you are so comfortable in your current routine. Routines are great and very efficient but often times once we’re in a good one it makes it incredibly difficult to try something new and take chance. This year, challenge yourself to take a risk or a chance on something you have wanted to do or try for a while. Though making  life changes can be terrifying due to uncertainty, taking that risk is worth it because regardless of the outcome you can be proud of yourself for trying something new, being brave and following your heart.




Gonna Love Myself, No I Don’t Need Anybody Else

Self-love can be difficult as it’s so easy to point out the negative in ourselves and push past the positive. In order to make this year the year of you, you must start with yourself. There is a certain stigma around self love and the way it appears cocky and self-absorbed but that is farther from the truth. We can not properly love those around us without loving and appreciating ourselves first. Whether that means learning to love our bodies and the imperfections they come with or starting to appreciate our own intelligence, talents and personality traits, every positive thought about ourselves is a step closer to falling in love with who we are.



Girls  Just Wanna Have Fun

Whether you identify as a female or not, there is nothing more important to remember in 2019 than to enjoy the ride. We often times let the stress and pressures get the best of us and rarely get to enjoy our journey throughout the year. Take this year to really enjoy every moment and fit more time for fun activities into your schedule. This way when looking back on your year next January, you can point back to moments that you thoroughly enjoyed rather moments that promoted negativity. Every small little magical moment of enjoyment can help motivate you push through those inevitable mundane tasks.




I hope you take these reminders on your journey through 2019 and use them to impact your life in a positive way. Though it is difficult to use these reminders every day, especially in challenging times, they are important in setting larger goals and boundaries and thus making decisions in order to achieve those goals within the chosen boundaries. Wishing you nothing but peace and happiness in the year to come! You've got this!