What Being a Part of Her Campus at York U has Taught Me

As the school draws to a close, so must Her Campus YU’s 2017-2018 year. During this time, I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honour to be one of the writers and editors. It has been thrilling to watch all of us blossom into our own family and improve our skills, and to see more and more people read our works. Working alongside my peers has taught me many incredible lessons, about writing and about life. I feel like I am much better not only as a writer, but as a person as well. Here are some of my insights from this year.

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What I have to write and say is important and valid

Throughout many of my years in writing, I always worried that what I wrote just didn’t matter. Sure, it could be fun for me to put together, but what impact would I have? Her Campus York U has provided an excellent platform for me to discuss some very critical topics where I could be assured it would be read by a relevant audience. Seeing the feedback for my articles has been incredible; I would’ve never imagined so many people would read what I had to say and take something from it.


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My work is valued

Another constant worry of mine was if my writing, or just myself in general, would be appreciated. Writing and editing is very, very hard work, and when you write for the wrong people, you will not receive the respect you earned and deserved. Needless to say, I was a little down-trodden by the time I applied to HCYU. I felt that everything I wrote was little more than filler content: unimportant and unread. However, working with the right people who had the same visions as me helped me elevate my work to somewhere where I knew it was important.


I am capable to step outside my comfort zone

Doing something beyond what you know is scary. As I started my university writing career, I was petrified to write or edit anything other than poetry. It was everything I knew for years, and so when I stopped writing for my prior endeavours, I thought my writing was over. When I did find HCYU, I had no confidence in my writing or editing skills. In fact, I felt so afraid and unqualified to edit that I considered requesting to just write. To my surprise and joy, I kept on blossoming. Once I stepped out of my boundaries, I found I had much more to offer.


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Careers in journalism/writing are possible in university

Anyone who says working in writing is easy is lying, but it’s also completely possible. I held off from pursuing my passion in worries that I wouldn’t find any jobs or ways to have a more professional portfolio for the future. Working with HCYU allowed me to gain writing experience for when I graduate, but has also allowed me to have an incredible and diverse portfolio. I’ve created so much here, from updates on school, to fun little lists, to hard-hitting news. Yes, I could’ve wrote on a blog or private entity, but HC has granted me the audience and platform to prepare for my future.


We all start somewhere, so why not at school?

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Writing is for everyone, and everyone can write

This wasn’t necessarily a thought of mine, but I found it plaguing many of my fellow writers and other peers. Truthfully, most of us at Her Campus York U are not writing majors! I am in a minority there, and I proudly can say that anyone can write. Yes, studying writing can absolutely help, but anyone with passion and drive can submit to a variety of outlets: school newspapers, online magazines, and the list goes on. It is safe to say that many university writers, including Her Campus’, may or may not enter a writing career, but having the experience is wonderful.


Source: Her Campus York U

This year at Her Campus has been an unforgettable and incredible experience, and I’m unbelievably proud of my fellow peers. It is my sincerest hope that our articles have inspired hope, generated discussion, entertained, but most importantly, created an impact on each of our readers. I want to personally thank all of my writers, fellow editors, and members of the exec team that have made Her Campus York U 2017-2018 possible, and to all of our readers for allowing us to keep writing. Have an excellent summer, and I hope to see you next year!

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