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Wave interference:Wave interference may occur when two waves that are traveling in opposite directions meet. The two waves pass through each other, and this affects their amplitude.”


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Jackie Ryan / Her Campus

As I float in the comfort of my solitude

I find delight in exploring the fantastical landscape of life surrounding me

Each silhouette

So seemingly insignificant from a distance

A puzzle of indistinguishable faces swimming amidst the crowd

Each soul

Composed of every colour both seen and unseen

A private entity shared with only a few

A whole life wrapped in skin and muscles and bones

Dressed in cotton and furs and groomed ever so neatly


Here is my elegy to all the souls I’ll never kiss

How strange


In a mere coincidence

As the gusty wind picks up speed

My lonesomeness is disrupted as another life crashes into mine

A complicated cobalt blue to compliment my teal

And as the daylight surrenders to the ivory moon 

I begin to learn the story of their soul

Filled with love and heartbreak

Joy and sorrow

I begin to memorize every crevice and beauty-mark that paints their face

No longer a greyish outline scribbled in the distance

But a familiar ruby heart that has become a friend


Here is my elegy to all the souls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing

How strange


Time is a funny thing

It takes a lot of it to understand someone and a lot of it to forget someone

The sad part about a friendship is even though we want it to last forever


The familiar face that once felt like home becomes nothing but a silhouette again


Our time in each other’s lives was only meant to be temporary

Two waves traveling in opposite directions

Who just happened to pass through each other

How lucky we are to learn the tales of another beating heart


Here is my elegy to the souls that I have loved and to all the souls that I have lost 

How strange

Unsplash/Jens Kreuter

Whether it be a fictional escape to an alternate reality or an emotional liberation amid the pages of my journal, writing has always been a light in the midst of my darkness.
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