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Have you ever been asked the famous question, “What do you think is more important, the journey or the destination?” To start my article with a fun exercise this week, I wanted to get input from an outside source before writing this up. This week, I added a poll to my Instagram account asking, “The Journey or the Destination?” The results were overwhelming, but I will reveal them at the end of this article after you’ve had the chance to read through and form your own opinion.

The question about the journey versus the destination can apply to so many different situations. For one, it might be the journey to self-love; for another, the journey of getting into an education program. The possibilities are pretty endless. Think of a time when you were on a journey, and have since reached the destination. Think about it as you read through the remainder of this article. 

Why do we decide to start a journey in our lives? Self-improvement? Positivity? Financial growth? Just as before, the possibilities are endless. Every person is unique, and with that, so are their journeys. My main point is that there is no ‘wrong’ way, time, or reason to start your journey. You have to decide one day that it’s something you genuinely want to accomplish. 

How hard did you work to reach your destination? If you find yourself doubting the work you’re willing to put into your journey, you may want to re-evaluate your goal. You do not want to put hard work, sometimes for years, into something that you won’t enjoy and be genuinely proud of. You want to be able to look back and have confidence in yourself and in every step of your journey that where you ended up is exactly what you want and need.

Another thing to consider about this question is, what if the destination you reach was not the destination you had initially imagined? That’s 100% okay. No journey is going to be completely linear, with no bumps or setbacks. I used to get very stressed out if things didn’t go exactly as I had initially planned and imagined in my head. However, I have since learned that it’s unrealistic for things to go exactly as planned. There will always be an obstacle along the way. 

In the end, it’s how we choose to deal with these bumps in the road that will dictate how our journey unravels. You can’t let a bump or setback derail your entire journey. It might cause you to pause for a while, but don’t give up. Once again, if the destination is worth it, so is the journey, setbacks and all. I am a firm believer in the statement “everything happens for a reason.” This means that sometimes a bump or setback happens for a reason. Maybe it will make you stronger, help with your destination, or give you some insight into a future journey. Whatever it may be, it will be worth it to work through, trust me.

Now time to reveal the results of the poll I posted. 89% of people who voted, voted for ‘The Journey.’ I want to add that there is truly no right or wrong answer here. I believe that both sides are very important. Without the reward of the destination, the journey would never take place. Without the journey, you’ll never reach the reward and destination. 

In conclusion, you’ll never get to your destination without the journey, and the destination would never feel so sweet and successful without the journey. Either way, the experience of the journey and the success of the destinations both have a significant impact on our lives. Keep working towards your goals. Whether it’s to have a productive day tomorrow or to become the CEO of a company, keep going.

Hi, Im Jaden! I am a Bachelor of Science Psychology major at York University. I love to read, write, workout and crochet.
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