Places to Visit to Help You De-stress

Exam season is stressful for any college or university student. But sometimes when we’re stressed, it gets hard for us to get back to our usual state of mind. When I feel extremely stressed, I find places in Toronto that are outdoors where I can go for a long time.

Is there a special place you go when you’re over-stressed? Living in Toronto gives us plenty of options to pick a place to de-stress.  



    The Bluffs have one of the most beautiful views in the city. Since the summer is coming up, going to the Scarborough Bluffs could bring serenity to your mind while you relax after exams. This would be my ideal location because, personally, I feel more relaxed when I am by the water. It’s the perfect place to go and enjoy nature’s air and forget about your troubles.


    Dogs are therapeutic and extremely loveable. Dog therapy programs are all over Toronto. Ryerson University teams up with a local canine association to bring therapy dogs to their campus. This is a great chance to go and pet some cute doggies when you’re stressed.

  3. 3. Battle Sports

    We don’t need scientific evidence to prove that breaking things is a stress reliever. Battle Sports is located on 26 Ashwarren Rd, North York, Ontario. This could be a fun place to relieve stress because sometimes we get the urge to break things when we get stressed. The room is specifically designed for you to break things and you are also equipped with safety gear.

  4. 4. The House of Yoga

    The House of Yoga is located on 714 Bloor St West. This fitness studio offers a variety of services such as Thai yoga massage and yoga teacher training. It is also a marijuana friendly environment that lets you take a hit before the class to allow your body to really de-stress. There is nothing better than giving yourself a full spa day after exam season.

There may be some other activities you prefer to do when you’re stressed out. This is the time of year where we need to focus on our mental state and practice self care. Between work, exams and social activities, we may never remember how important it is to take part in stress relieving activities.