Meal Prep Companies You Should Try

Sometimes, when we’re coming home from a long day at work or school, we get stuck on figuring out what to cook for dinner. I never know what to bring to school for lunch and I often drag myself to buy food at McDonalds or Wendy’s. For those of you who are always on the go, I have discovered many meal prep companies that can send you meals right to your home.


You may have seen HelloFresh advertisements online, or perhaps some of your favorite Youtubers might be subscribed to this company. HelloFresh is an internationally known meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany that offers a variety of options for meal plans such as the Family Plan, the Pronto Plan, and the Veggie Plan. HelloFresh sends you groceries every week with a recipe book. The perfect thing about this company is that they already prepare the ingredients for you, so all you’d have to do is cook it with the recipe book they send with the ingredients. Personally, HelloFresh was the first meal-kit I’ve ever tried and I was very happy with my experience. Visit the HelloFresh website to find out more.



MealFix Canada

MealFix Canada delivers healthy meals that are cooked and delivered to your home every Sunday and Wednesday. You’ll have the choice to pick your meal plans and select the meals you’d like to be delivered to you. There’s also an option to place a one time order which gives you one week’s worth of healthy meals. MealFix can deliver to your workplace, home or school. If you sign up for their mailing list, you will receive a 20% off promo code for your first order! Visit the MealFix Canada website to find out more.  



Fit Food

Like many meal-kit companies, Fit Food gives you the option to pick your own meal plan. If you’d like to customize your plan, they have options such as the 25 Life Changer, the 15 Day Challenge, the 10 Day Strip Down, and the 2 Day Juice Cleanse. The 2 Day Juice Cleanse is a cleanse that includes five unique blends of fresh juices and one morning tea. You can even get a professional nutritionist that can help you with all the questions you may have. All of their cleanses are made fresh and are 100% natural. This company gives you an easy way to manage your weight  and become healthier. Visit Fit Food’s website for more details.



Fuel Foods Canada

Fuel Foods is a Toronto based company with wellness, health, and nutrition experts that have 30 years of professional experience combined with 20 years in the kitchen. With the Fuel Meal box, you have the option to select the number of meals you would like per delivery (6, 9, or 12). The individual meal box allows you to choose item by item from their a la carte menu to build an order which will then be delivered to you. Visit Fuel Foods Canada’s website for more information.



eFresh Meals

eFresh is another company that delivers across Canada. eFresh offers a one time plan and a weekly plan which both have family sized servings. With the one time plan, you can order delicious meals like their beef steak fajitas, or the Shrimp & Quinoa Mushroom Risotto a la carte. With the weekly plan, you can choose between a personal plan or a family plan. They also offer a personal plan wherein your meals are individually portioned for up to 24 weeks. The family plan serves up to 4 people includes plans for up to eight weeks.  Their meals are freshly cooked and all that is left for you to do is to heat the food up and enjoy! Visit the eFresh website to learn more.

These are some of the many meal-kit companies we have in Canada. The prices vary for each website but you can purchase a plan to enjoy either by yourself or with your family and friends. All these companies offer delicious meals that you can enjoy at home and enables you to customize your perfect meal. Meal-kits are an easy way to start eating healthy and stick with a plan that you love.