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Recently, astrology has been ALL OVER social media. TikTokers have been doing makeup looks based on different zodiac signs, explaining how different signs would react to different scenarios, and even curating outfits to wear based on our sign. Companies have profited off our desire to have these zodiac signs tattooed onto our bodies, on the jewellery we wear, and even as the theme for colouring books we use to destress. 

Astrology is an area of study that has been deemed a “pseudoscience.” The scientific community has rejected it as a real science, but it still seems to be so captivating. 

Personally, I am quite connected to my zodiac sign (perhaps a little more than I’d like to admit). I was born on March 11th and am a pisces. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… she must be an emotional mess! My friends have told me that I am “as pisces as a pisces can get.” I’ll be honest, I probably am. I invest more time into others than myself, I like to find creative outlets to destress, and I am really in tune with my emotions. I’m the “mom” of my circle and enjoy good naps. 

Plus, if there is no science behind astrology, explain why every libra friend I’ve had has been indecisive and every scorpio has been a living embodiment of Rapunzel from Tangled?! Why is my gemini friend so quick-witted and adaptable? 

While it is fun to talk about how our personality traits coincide with our zodiac signs, we also have to ask ourselves, what are the dangers in doing so? How might explaining my behaviour by saying “It’s because I’m a pisces!” be a negative thing?

Well for one, resorting to our zodiac signs may explain away our negative instincts. It leads to rationalizations like “You’re two-faced because you’re a gemini,” “I’m impatient because I’m a sagittarius!” or “You’re just short-tempered because you’re a taurus!” If we believe that aspects of our personality are inherent and inevitable, we may never take the steps necessary to change them, even if they cause harm to others.

Worst of all, astrology can cause us to make assumptions about people we just meet — before we actually get to know them. 

There is no absolute truth, and you never know, some people you meet may just end up surprising you. Interact with others in a positive way and truly understand how you situate yourself in your social environments. 

Don’t live up to your zodiac, live up to the type of person you want to be to others in this world. 

Riya is an Indian-Canadian writer from Richmond Hill, Ontario. She is in her first year in the teaching program at York University! Riya has been writing her entire life; she joined Her Campus to connect with others who have the same passion and share her ideas on topics including politics, lifestyle, and well-being. Her favourite thing about writing is that it can be approached and interpreted differently by each individual based on their own personal experiences. When she is not writing, she can be found watching movies, painting, volunteering in her community, or listening to music - she has song lyrics running through her head 24/7! Riya lives by the quote; “To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”