Girl Reflects on Time

gold plated silver girl

you gift me gold,

bringing back old habits,

but I never aimed for the stars,

so I wear it around my neck,

with no sparkles in my eyes,

wishing it was silver.


gold bends and stretches,

but it will never grab the stars,

silver is realistic,

it can handle reality,

even when things heat up.

Woman, Beauty, Girl, Gold, Face, Person, Portrait

Photo by John Vasilopoulos



tell me how

I only break

to be strong and still;

how I only

take from myself

to give to others;

how I get disapprovals

from my own pain;

how I wake up as

early as 6 a.m.,

yet can't get up

until the regrets of

time gone to waste

hit at 2 p.m.,

tell me how

to stop.

Gothic, Fantasy, Dark, Woman, Female, Young, Beauty

Photo by Enrique Meseguer


past midnight

at this forbidden hour,

Cinderella has to be home,

yet her hands are gently being kissed

as her heart turns into a pumpkin,

ready to be patched in mid-March.

she dances with a broken glass heel,

twirls the ticking clock,

making the hour golden.