Friends Come and Go

We grow up hoping we have the same friends we’ve had since kindergarten. When we go to high school, we slowly start to lose friends and gain new ones. By the time we start college or university, we gain even more friends while we try to keep the same ones from high school. If you’re in a situation where you don’t even have friends that you can trust, I’m in the same boat as you.

I admit that I’m in a period of losing friends who I thought I would have forever. It makes me sad just thinking about it, but I have come to the conclusion that this is how life goes. We all lose friends and it’s okay for that to happen. We’re eventually making room for better ones. It’s okay to not have friends. Sometimes, we encounter differences with people we care about and separation is the best solution. As we grow older, we become wiser and more mature. Because of that, the people we have around us may not mature as much as we do, and that’s okay. In my opinion, having friends who are not worthy is worse than having no friends at all.

We need friends who will be there for us no matter what. Yes, we grow up and start our own lives but we need friends who will run to the moon and back to cheer us up. The friends we need are the ones that will tell us that they are not right for us. We need people who will support us with our dreams and decisions, even if they don’t like it.


Photo via Pexels ​

Friends who come and go teach us life lessons that we can pass on to our children. People say our mothers always know who our real friends are. I’ve found this to be true because my mother practically saw through the friends I had since grade school. I learned a lot from my mom when it comes to picking the right friends. It’s okay to feel alone sometimes when you don’t have anyone. Being alone can help us reflect on what we want in our lives. I’ve been doing some reflecting myself and, at 23, I now know what kind of lifelong friends I need in my life. No matter how long we wait for the right friends,  it’s always worth it. I believe that we’re never too old to make new friends.

Some people are blessed with a large amount of friends that they can trust. It’s hard to find the right friends. Having a large social circle has its pros and cons. It can provide comfort and let someone feel more secure. On the other hand, some people (like me) prefer a small social circle. I would enjoy having a lot of friends, it makes social gatherings more fun. But personally, being able to trust someone is not easy. I believe that is why some people don’t have a large social circle, and that is totally normal. If you’re in that kind of situation, don’t ever blame yourself. It’s normal to keep your circle small. That shows that you are a secure person and that is a good trait to have.

Photo via Pexels

No matter how old we are, it’s okay not to have many friends. It’s not us. It may be fate telling us that we need better people in our lives. There is always a reason behind losing friends. Sometimes, it was just meant to happen. Don’t ever think less of yourself because you don’t have many friends. Always remember that there is room for better ones. Friends come and go (it’s life), but the real friends will always stay in our lives.