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Five YouTubers With Great Nightly Skincare Routines

We’re reminded everyday about how vital it is to eat healthy and to take care of our bodies. However, taking care of our skin is so important because we’re constantly exposed to heat, dirt and other pollutants. I have always struggled with acne and it affected my confidence so much growing up. Beauty vloggers on YouTube help millions of people with how to take care of their skin from morning to night. Here are five YouTubers whose nightly skincare routines, in my opinion, are stunning and helpful. 

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a Nigerian American beauty vlogger who advocates for visibility of people of color in the beauty industry. She is currently a partner of beauty companies Sigma Beauty, E.L.F Cosmetics, Too Faced and Sephora. In collaboration with these companies, Aina has curated products like the Jackie Aina Eyeshadow Palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills which immediately sold out. In this Harper’s BAZAAR video, she gets up close and personal with the team and shows how she gets ready for bed. In the video, she talks about how she gets rid of pimples and clears away the dirt accumulated on the skin that contributes to breakouts. 

Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel, who currently has 6.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, uploaded her first YouTube video in 2011 and gained 10,000 viewers within a year. In 2017, Bybel started her own beauty firm called Pravana Beauty and released her first Missguided video collection in October of the same year. She has won awards, is considered a fashion guru and has also created her own palette with BH cosmetics which quickly sold out just like Jackie Aina’s. As one of the first beauty vloggers I ever followed, she is someone who I believe inspires many of the young girls who watch her. I picked her skincare routine because her skin always ends up looking flawless with and without makeup. She has many skincare videos posted on her YouTube channel but this specific one is my favorite: a “get ready with me” style video entitled “Get Unready With Me”. 

Makeup By Shayla

Shayla Mitchell is a California native who currently has 733,000 subscribers on Youtube. Additionally, she is also an Instagram phenomenon with 2.8 million followers and she has her own website where she conducts live tutorials. As a black woman, I look up to Shayla, as she knows some of the best products that work with darker skin tones. Whenever I watch her, I always feel like we’re friends because of her bubbly personality which attracts so many viewers. Here is her current skincare routine, which Clinique sponsored.


Karen Sarahi Gonzalez is another online phenomenon with currently 4.6 million Instagram followers and 982,000 YouTube subscribers. She has such a sweet and welcoming personality in her videos which makes them so engaging to watch. In 2004, she graduated from beauty school and landed her first major job with Lancome. She has gone on to do work on E! News, posting articles about beauty. She has oily skin like me so I look up to her skincare advice, just like Shayla’s. Her routine makes her skin look fresh and glowy from morning to night. Additionally, she promotes a healthy lifestyle in addition to her product recommendations and credits it with always making her skin look refreshed. Karen partnered with Estée Lauder in her most recent skincare video where she talks about Estée Lauders’ Advanced Night Repair Serum as well as the Night Repair Reset Concentrate


Katy DeGroot currently has 2 million followers on both YouTube and Instagram. This Cali native is known for her beauty expertise, tutorials, tips and much more. Katy has used the same routine for years but she does little additions every now and then. I think it’s amazing that she’s stuck with a routine for years, as this proves to me that her routine must really work for her skin type because her skin is always so clear and smooth without makeup. In her video, she talks about a company called Tatcha, which helps keep her skin looking healthy and pure. I’m glad she started her own channel because Katy is funny and has such a warm personality in her videos. Here is her current nightly skincare routine. 

What’s great about these influencers is that they all have different skin types. No matter what your skin type is, they are very helpful with giving tips and tutorials on how to properly take care of your skin. There are many other YouTubers with great skincare routines, but make sure to stick with the one that fits your skin type. Find a skincare regimen that works well for you and do it routinely to get the best results!

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