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Essential Wellness Clubs on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Some students are unaware that clubs are still active during the pandemic, even if it means they might be operating slightly differently than usual. These times have been extremely difficult for students, so if you’re looking for a way to help manage your stress and anxiety and achieve success, there are many clubs that can help you do just that! Here are some of my favourite wellness clubs at York University everyone should be aware of. They all strive for similar goals but are all unique in their own way! 

Active Minds

Active Minds at York University is a chapter affiliated with the larger non-profit organization Active Minds. Ever since becoming a recognized group on campus in 2012, it has been their mission to advocate for mental health awareness. Their executive team works all year round to provide students with resources, tips and engaging events to help keep our minds and bodies active . Active Minds is most notable for the Human Library, but they have also hosted paint nights, cookie decorating and pet therapy. This year, they have been consistent on their social media platforms with affirmations and campaigns, so there is always something going on! Their next event is Trivia Night, which is to be held online November 3rd. Be sure to follow their socials for the invitation link!

Website: https://www.amyork.ca/community/ 

E-mail: amyorku@gmail.com 

Facebook: Active Minds at York University

Instagram: @yuactiveminds

Project S.T.A.R.

Project S.T.A.R. is an initiative aimed at providing students with healthy ways to relieve stress. Specifically, the organization gives students the opportunity to balance their busy everyday lives by providing fun, interactive and calming activities throughout the year. Project S.T.A.R.’s goals are to help students find healthy ways to cope with stress through creative activities and to get to know others within the York community. In the past, they have collaborated with Active Minds on a speed friending event, which is like speed dating, giving people the opportunity to connect with as many people as fast as possible. As someone who’s been to this event, I can say this social event was a gateway to lifelong friendships. Currently, Project S.T.A.R. is in the process of implementing ways to engage with students online during the pandemic. They hope to bring you virtual movie nights, game nights and much more, so stay tuned! 


E-mail: projectstaryork@gmail.com

Facebook: Project STAR at York University

Instagram: @projectstar_yu


Jack.org is all about revoluzioning mental health. They were founded in 2010 by Eric Windeler and Sandra Hanington after their son Jack, a student at Queen’s University, committed suicide. Now, Jack chapters stretch all across Canada. Like many groups here, Jack.org strives to open up the conversation surrounding mental health and encourage all those who are struggling to reach out and get the support they need. Above all, validating the difficult experiences of students and supporting the cultivation of positive well-being within the community is essential and they encourage their student leaders to use their voices to bring about change. In the past, they have hosted a wide range of events from Mental Health and Wellness Symposium to Human Library alongside Active Minds. This year, like many other clubs, Jack.org is promoted to keeping students engaged virtually and are working on collaborating with other campus organizations. There’s a movie night fast approaching! You don’t want to miss it! 


Website: https://jack.org/Home

Email: Jack.orgyork@gmail.com

Facebook: Jack.org York

Instagram: @jack.orgyork

The Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA) 

The Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA) is a student-run organization that strives to empower psychology students at York University and foster a community of support, growth and engagement. UPSA prides itself for their diverse array of student needs from academics, socials and personal demands. As a student group, UPSA takes their organization seriously by being accountable and displaying ethical leadership and integrity. UPSA hosts a variety of events from Painting with the Peers, Meet the Profs, Get Pysch’d Social and many more. Come November, they will be hosting a Clinical vs. Counselling Psychology event in which students can have a better understanding of the two fields and have the opportunity to interact with professionals from both. During the pandemic, UPSA has transferred their Peer Tutoring and Peer Mentoring online. Students can access these services free of charge by logging into drop-in Zoom sessions. They also have a Tik Tok and a podcast series on Spotify! Be sure to get connected and check out their Halloween event!


Website: upsa.club.yorku.ca

E-mail: upsa@ymy.yorku.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPSAYork

Instagram/ Tik Tok: @upsayorku

YouTube: UPSA YorkU

Spotify: “What’s UP (SA)?”

Active York

Active York is a fairly new organization on campus, but don’t underestimate them! Their objective is to keep students active by getting out, clearing your mind and moving your body. Active York aims to engage the community as much as possible by creating a friendly and open environment in which everyone can be comfortable with meeting new people. In the past, Active York has hosted campfires, hikes, bike rides and apple picking! They are flexible in holding events around both the Keele and Glendon campus making it much accessible to all! During the pandemic, Active York has been consistently sending out emails with content on how you can get active from home. Hopefully, in the near future, they plan to host hikes while keeping in mind the pandemic protocols. So be sure to check them out and get on their mailing list!


Website: www.activeyorku.wordpress.com

E-mail: activeyorku@gmail.com

Facebook Page and Group: https://www.facebook.com/activeyorku https://www.facebook.com/groups/371162543297894

Instagram: @activeyorku

You can also check out YU Connect for other wellness clubs across campus. 

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