The Challenges of Being A Writer (While In University)

In University, I have found it quite difficult to really sit down and write. I’m in my fourth year now so I have gotten better with it, but I know that I’m not the only one that struggles with being creative during school.

Here are the challenges that writers face in University:


Not Having Enough Time

When I’m in school, I have a hard time prioritizing my creative endeavors over my school work. I need to get good grades, but I also need to focus on myself, and writing makes me a happier person.


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Feeling Guilty For Writing

When I do sit down and write, I instantly feel guilty. Shouldn’t I be finishing up that assignment that’s due in a few days?


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Being Stressed Results in Terrible Writing

My writing is not as good when I’m in school. Being stressed out can really impact the quality of your work. I constantly have a swarm of a million things in my head that I need to get done, which makes it hard to focus.


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Not Making Time For Reading

Great writers read a lot. I love reading, but during school it can be difficult to prioritize the books that you want to read versus the books you should be reading for your classes.


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Those are just some of the challenges that I go through on a daily basis with my writing. I am still working through them and trying to push myself into a more well-rounded routine, instead of just focusing on school.