Best Way To Begin 2019; Being Grateful for 2018

When someone asks the question, “tell me about yourself”, people’s answers are often composed of other people more so than just themselves. This is because as human beings, we are social creatures and our interactions make a big part of our lives and who we are. Even when we are being asocial, we still use other people surrounding us as a point of reference to describe where we currently stand. This became more evident to me when I used Her Campus York University’s Instagram story and my own Instagram story in asking, “What are some things that you are grateful for from 2018?”.


Photo via Her Campus YorkU


“The people who helped me get through 2018.”

This was the general theme that most of HCYU’s Instagram followers and my followers had in common. I very much relate to this and feel like most people would as well. If you reflect back on 2018, people from work, from school, from your family and even those across the world, they all had some influence on you directly or indirectly. Some may have taught you new things, some may have supported you through your 2018 journey, and some may have even made you into a person strong enough to face whatever 2019 has coming towards you.


“My family who played an immense role.”

Family: one word, six letters, infinite meanings.


Family can be a full set of biologically related members, a previous stranger who fell in love with you the moment they saw you in an orphanage, or even a cousin you never knew you had. Family can also be a friend who has been there for you since day one, a baby hedgehog you found and took care of, or even an apple tree that made you discover gravity (many thanks, Newton).

When reflecting back on 2018 and all the years before that, I can’t imagine my life without my family. They have been there for me since day one and have been a big part in contributing to the person I have become today. Families are not always full of sunshine, but they will always be the sunshine you need after a rainy day. Having a family is important because at the end of the day, they will always be there. When I first moved to Canada back in 2014, my friends and my neighbors did not come with me, but my family did. I have went through a lot of experiences and roller coasters with them. That is one of the strongest connections I have with my family, and surprisingly, it was also one of the hardest times for me.



“Meeting new friends.”

You know what’s the beautiful thing about having a good connection with someone? Getting to keep that connection through friendship! Friendships are vital for enhancing one’s life. Friends help you get through the day without losing your sanity, make fun of you so that when others do so you don’t get hurt, and also split a big plate of food with you.


You know what is even better about friendships? Level promotions! You like that connection so much? Good for you, you get to upgrade them to level “best friend!” Don’t like that connection anymore because they didn’t like your picture on Instagram? Degrade them to level “no longer friends!” Their loss for missing on a bomb picture, by the way.




Other answers also included:

“For the opportunities I have.”

“The experiences I got to go through.”


When life gives you lemons, do you attempt to make lemonade out of them, or do you complain because it could have just given you lemonade instead? Personally, I would do both.


You see, if you did not have opportunities and experiences that can be reflected on, you would not be able to reflect on this (metaphorical) question. When life gives you an opportunity, take it and make an experience out of it. You never know what you will get out of an opportunity until you give it a shot. Before the opportunity to move to Canada popped up, I wrote down the following:

“If I had the chance of having a new life, I’d go for it. I’d leave everything behind, I’d start over. I’d hug everyone goodbye. I’d never look back. I’d welcome new lessons. I’d welcome better choices and I’d definitely welcome something different.”



Here I am today in a better shape and form (not physically because I always procrastinate going to the gym — oops!), telling you that I do not regret taking the opportunity. I have had so many experiences, met so many people, and discovered so many things that made me who I am today. Those experiences, positive or negative, will continue to be a part of me in the future, and for such opportunities I will always be grateful.

Reflecting back on 2018, I hope whoever is reading this embraces 2019 and the upcoming months with excitement to find out the unknown. Embrace new beginnings, and be grateful for every person and every opportunity that comes your way. I know I am grateful to be a part of Her Campus, and grateful to have someone read those words of mine.