Best Restaurants in Toronto for First Dates

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you may or may not know where to bring your significant other on that special day. Or you may be currently trying to figure out where to go for your first date that is coming up before Valentine’s Day. I am here to help. Here are some of the best restaurants in Toronto for first dates!

People's Eatery 

Located on 307 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON

Photo cred: @peopleseatery  from Narcity Toronto


People’s Eatery’s menu is very affordable. Plus, if you and your date prefer a nice, filling Chinese cuisine, People’s Eatery is the place for your date! There is also a snack bar at the restaurant which helps you figure out if you and your date have the same taste in food.



Located on 163 Spadina Ave.

Photo cred: @alo from Narcity Toronto

Alo is one of the restaurants where you’d go if you really want to impress someone. If you have a love for France, Alo is the one best French restaurants located in Toronto. It offers high class experience, with beautiful restaurant interior that could easily impress your date! You can never go wrong with this one.



Located on 55 Adelaide St. E


Photo cred: @creampuff1 from Narcity Toronto

I would personally choose Nami for a first date simply because I love Japanese food. You’d be served by Kimono-clad servers in a modern setting. If you’d like a more intimate setting for you and your date, you would be able to select a booth at Nami that is perfectly sealed for privacy with rice-paper screened doors. There is also an option to have your date at the sushi bar!


Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant

Located on 2 Trinity St.

Photo cred:  @Tappo  from Narcity Toronto


Tappo is another upscale restaurant located in Toronto. The service is perfect for your first date. It will provide you with a perfect intimate setting for you and your date to get to know one another. It also has a special wine selection with over 50 choices for vino lovers.



Located on 293 Palmerston Ave

Photo from Blog TO  

Woodlot is a great choice for vegetarians. This rustic restaurant is known for having a great menu for vegetarians. The menu options allow you substitute for side vegetarian dishes. It’s a very affordable choice for a first date and a great setting for you and your date to get to know one another!


Deciding where to take your date can be a lot of pressure. I hope I helped a bit with this list of restaurants that are located in this great city.