Best Holiday Episodes to Watch on Canadian Netflix

Television series often put extra special time into their holiday episodes in order to compete with all the other programmed festivities in December, and it (usually) pays off. But who watches actual television any more? If, like us, you don’t have cable, here are some great holiday episodes of TV that you can find on Canadian Netflix.

Black Mirror

Season 2 Episode 4

“White Christmas”

Source: Netflix

The good thing about Black Mirror is that every episode is completely independent, so you can watch the Christmas episode without any prior knowledge of the show. This episode follows three interconnected stories in the near future. It may not leave you with the warm and fuzzies, but it will definitely make you rethink asking for the new iPhone for Christmas.


Season 7 Episode 10

“The One With the Holiday Armadillo”

Source: Netflix

This episode focuses on Ross’ first holiday with his son. Ross wants to teach Ben about Hanukkah since he has never had the chance to celebrate it before. The real enticement of this episode, though, is that you get to see David Schwimmer dress up in a giant costume as the “Holiday Armadillo.”

BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish

Source: Netflix

BoJack is already a very meta show, and this Christmas special is no different. In this episode, Todd convinces BoJack to watch the Christmas special of Horsin’ Around (the sitcom series BoJack used to star in) with him. This episode is a sentimental reflection of BoJack’s past, and the perfect thing to watch if you want some laughs mixed with moments of sentimentality.

The Office

Season 2 Episode 10

“Christmas Party”

Source: Netflix

In the OG office holiday party, Michael decides to turn Secret Santa into Yankee Swap after he gets a homemade oven mitt from Phyllis. However, when things start to go downhill, Michael decides to introduce fifteen bottles of vodka into the party. This episode is full of laughs for everyone, whether it's your tenth time watching the series or you’ve never seen an episode before. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episode 10 “Amends”

Source: Netflix

Although Buffy has many Halloween specials, this is the show’s only Christmas-themed episode. In “Amends,” the show takes a break from its usually upbeat and humorous tone, as Angel struggles with dreams and memories of his past. Even though it’s a more serious episode, “Amends” is heartwarming and hopeful, two key aspects of the holiday season.

Downton Abbey

Season 2 Episode 9

“Christmas at Downton Abbey”

Source: Netflix

If you’re looking for a lavish and elegant Christmas, look no further than this episode of Downton Abbey. “Christmas at Downton Abbey” takes place in December 1919 and January 1920, and follows the Crowley family and Downton Abbey staff as they navigate the holiday season, through joy and sorrow. And there might even be a festive proposal.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 3 Episode 10

“Yippie Kayak”

Source: Netflix

Anyone who watches Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows that Detective Jake Peralta’s favourite movie is Die Hard. In this episode he gets to live out his John McClane fantasy in a department store on Christmas Eve. “Yippie Kayak” is the perfect episode to watch if you like action-comedy with a Christmas flair.

Orange is the New Black

Season 1 Episode 13

“Can’t Fix Crazy”

Source: Netflix

A prison might be one of the last places you would think to look for holiday cheer, but in “Can’t Fix Crazy,” the inmates of Litchfield are full of the holiday spirit as they prepare for a Christmas pageant. “Can’t Fix Crazy” is the last episode of the first season, and if you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black it would probably make for a pretty confusing and spoiler-filled episode. You may as well take the Christmas break as an opportunity to watch the entire series.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Season 1 Episode 15

“Deck the Halls”

Source: Netflix

The first Christmas episode of everyone’s favourite show follows Will as he tries to give Ashley her first real Christmas. The neighbours in Bel Air hate the tacky fashion in which Will decorates the house, but at the end of the episode we see that it has brought some joy to an unexpected group of children.

Source: Tim Mossholder 

With exams, last minute projects, Christmas shopping, and family dinners on the go, you might not have time to watch all the holiday movies you were planning on, but you can enjoy holiday cheer in these small doses of amazing holiday specials. Whether you’re watching them with family on Christmas Eve or cramming an episode in between study sessions, these episodes are sure to lift your spirits and give you a much deserved break.