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6 Former Cast Members from Grey’s Anatomy that Left Us in Our Feelings

Grey’s Anatomy has been on our television screen for over a decade, and those who love the show experience every moment of heartbreak, love and tragedy. For those of you who are currently caught up, I am going to talk about the past cast members who left us tearing up as they departed.


Cristina Yang

(played by Sandra Oh)

Source: TV Guide

Cristina was Meredith’s backbone and always had a tough demeanor. Cristina left the hospital to pursue better things for her career, leaving Dr. Grey, Owen Hunt and her fellow colleagues behind. She was the one who kept Meredith sane during their tequila shots and random dance offs. Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been the same without Yang’s resilient personality. Fortunately, her departure was not a tragic one, but a farewell. She has popped up from time to time speaking to Meredith on the phone but has not made an appearance.


George O’Malley

(played by T.R. Wright)

Source: Hollywood Life


O’Malley’s death was one for the books. George was the O.G. of Grey’s and my heart shattered into pieces when he died. The magical aspect of these cast members is that they can make you believe that you knew them personally. George captured a lot of hearts while he was on the show. Some would say he went out in a terrible way, while some would say he went out as a hero. O’Malley, A.K.A 007, will always be missed.


Mark Sloane “A.K.A Dr. McSteamy”

(played by Eric Dane)

Source: EW Recap


Dr. McSteamy also stole many hearts across North America (especially mine). He was Derek’s best friend and the love of Lexie’s life. His death in season nine was heartbreaking for the whole hospital. Derek lost his best friend, and we all felt the pain with him. Mark Sloane was a great addition to Grey’s. Alongside his companion, Lexie Grey, these characters changed Seattle Grace for the better.


Denny Duquette

(played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Source: Women


Denny Duquette was not a doctor, but rather a patient who grew a special relationship with Izzie Stevens. Denny had that type of personality were he would always be positive, even when he knew he was dying. He found the love of his life when he met Izzie. Unfortunately, we wish they could’ve met sooner rather than later. We all grew to love Denny; he definitely taught us that we can find love in unexpected places.


Lexie Grey

(played by Chyler Leigh)

Source: Grey’s Wiki


Lexie was the sweet innocent sister Meredith never knew she had. She was the love of Mark Sloane and she rubbed off her sweetness onto the other cast members of Grey’s. Lexie’s death was also tragic, and we never thought we’d see the wrath of another Grey doctor again. Lexie’s death was devastating because Mark was with her the whole time. There’s nothing worse than seeing the love of your life fade away in your arms.


Derek Shepherd “A.K.A Dr. McDreamy”

(Played by Patrick Dempsey)

Source: Mainstreet Digest


Lastly, the most recent Grey’s death that shocked us all; the one death that I am still not over, Derek Shepherd. Derek was the one character of Grey’s that kept the show together. He was Meredith Grey’s love and the one who made the show into what it is today. We didn’t know what to expect next when he died and how as true Grey’s fans we would be able to move on. All of North America was crying over Dr. McDreamy’s death. Once we lost Derek, we lost a piece of our heart. There will never be another McDreamy again.


Grey’s Anatomy has been a part of our lives for so long. These characters have made a huge impact on the show when they started, and even after they were gone. The characters we love, along with the life lessons we learned and the motivation to become doctors that we feel, are incredible.

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