5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel More Like Home

Dorm rooms can often feel empty and impersonal, especially during the first few weeks of moving in. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way for the rest of the school year. Below, I’ve put together a list of things to make your new place feel more like home.  

A Comfy Bed Space

Let’s start with the most obvious thing in your dorm room – the bed. When you move into a new room, the bed may feel weird at first (at least it was for me). Investing in some quality bedding can definitely help: pick some bed sheets and blankets in your favorite color and maybe even add a few pillows. Your bed will instantly feel cozier!

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Things That Remind You of Home

Homesickness is unfortunately a part of moving. However, decorating your room with things that remind you of home can bring a sense of comfort to the space. If, like me, you came from overseas, a little flag of your home country can sometimes do the trick. Gifts, stuffed toys and cards from home (if available) can also help.


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Decorate Your Walls

Pictures are the easiest way to add personal touch to a room. You can easily print out a few of your favorite images with friends and family to put into frames or stick on your wall. Posters and paintings also work great! Additionally, you can place quotes around your room to help you feel inspired or motivated throughout the year.


Photo by Taiya Maddison


Indoor houseplants can be a wonderful addition to your living space. Aside from contributing to the overall aesthetic of your room, multiple studies have shown that plants can reduce stress and increase positivity. I recommend small, low-maintenance plants (like succulents) that you can place on top of your desk. You can also purchase fake plants if your dorm doesn’t allow live plants.


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Familiar Scents

Having a familiar or a favorite scent of yours can make you feel better once you enter your room. Although candles aren’t allowed in dorms for multiple safety reasons, there are several substitutes available. Diffusers, solid air fresheners and room sprays are just a few options available to make your dorm room smell heavenly.


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Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to your dorm! It’s your home away from home for the next year or so and the more comfortable it is, the better.