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5 Ways of Finding Solace During Social Distancing

I don’t think the current state of the world due to COVID-19 needs any introduction. The world is simply in pain, and right now a very effective practice seems to be social distancing. For some of us, that’s not a drastic adjustment from our everyday lives, but for others it’s not as easy as it sounds. Humans are called social beings for a reason, so if you fall into the latter category, your hopelessness or melancholy is valid. 

If I am being honest, I am more of a homebody, but I have still found myself in states of sadness. If the world is a family, our family is sick, and sorrow is normal during times of sickness.

I like to believe that you can always find hope and light even in the darkest of times. Therefore, this article will hopefully present ways of finding some semblance of positivity during this time, most of which I learned in an online course: The Science of Well-Being by Yale University. Yes, like many, I figured I should do something productive and found this gem.

  1. 1. Being Grateful

    I am starting with gratitude because it is so easy to forget what we have when the bad seems to outweigh the good. The act of gratitude allows us to reflect and be present. It reminds us to focus on the little things that are just as important as the big things, and practicing gratitude during this time nudges you towards some of the good that exists for you. It can be your family, the comfort your home provides, or simply the ability to read this. If you’re on social media, I’m sure you’re bombarded with related posts. Some ways of practicing gratitude are through gratitude journals or by taking a moment to reflect. 

  2. 2. Savoring

    This is the act of observing and appreciating a moment or experience for what it is while being in that moment or experience. I have been trying to do this more and if anything, it has been good for my memory. Although my days have become less eventful, they are also less of a blur as I can remember a moment each day of last week which I enjoyed, whether it was eating with my mom or laughing for a solid minute with my brother over one of my many clumsy moments. This act solidifies the tiny, happy moments when you pay attention to the appreciation at the moment.

  3. 3. Staying Connected

    This is a dreadful time but it is also an incredible time where we can stay connected with the touch of a button. I say, take advantage and call everyone. Often. Send voice notes and pictures; do the whole thing. Don’t limit your interactions to sending memes — although we will always appreciate those. As I said, we are social beings and connections keep us going. Because of this, I started calling my friends in my home country more often and hearing their voices truly lifts my spirits.

  4. 4. Spreading Kindness

    I like to believe that as humans, we are innately kind. In a crisis, this is especially needed, but if we want to be a little selfish here and think of the benefits, it feels good to do good. Therefore, be kind; donate the extra food you got while panic-buying; if you can, deliver a meal to a friend you know might need it; or check in with someone who isn’t necessarily your friend. You will feel joy and we can all use some of that right now.

  5. 5. Finding Acceptance

    Lastly, for the next few weeks, self-isolation and social distancing is our normal. Doing this will contribute to the well-being of the world, but it will come with a low mood. We don’t usually function like this so it is unrealistic to be just as productive. I mean, think about all of your distractions at home. Accepting these changes as they are will ease the pressure. You do not have to write an entire book right now. Therefore, being unproductive is okay. Feeling sad is okay. Being bored is okay. Being uncreative is okay. Simply surviving right now is okay. Feeling all of your feelings allows wholeness and that is more healthy than looking for the positive all the time, especially during a pandemic.

I hope that this article brought some calm and light and I hope that you are safe. We will get through this.