This Year's Flu is Causing Concern Across the Nation

Each year, it seems like the flu is getting stronger to flu shots and vaccines. This year, it came with a vengeance and has been wreaking havoc all over the country.

It is important to understand and recognize the symptoms of the flu because it can, not only land you in the hospital, but you can die from it as well. According to Allure, this flu season has already taken the lives of 30 children; ABCnews calculates that it is at least 63. Allure also reports that “there have been twice as many outpatient medical visits for influenza-like illness as there were at this time last year.”

Darria Long Gillespie, the senior vice president of clinical strategy at the health advice site Sharecare and an ER doctor commented: “The predominant virus strain is H3N2,” which is a less common strain and “typically is linked with more severe cases and a greater number of complications of the flu.”

USA Today reports that most of the country, including Puerto Rico, have high levels of flu activity.

It does sound scary, but Anne Schuchat, acting CDC director, told USA Today that most children and adults will recover at home without complications. Despite this, Schuchat recommends that people should still get a flu shot.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that in order to prevent the flu, people (6 months and older) should receive a yearly flu shot. But since we’re in the thick of flu season, here are the symptoms that you should recognize.


  1. Fever (or feeling feverish/chills) - not everyone will experience this symptom

  2. Coughing

  3. Sore throat

  4. Runny or stuffy nose

  5. Muscle or body aches

  6. Headaches

  7. Fatigue (tiredness)

  8. Vomiting and diarrhea - more common in children than adults

*Please note that a cold and the flu symptoms are similar, so it is best to check with you doctor for a proper diagnosis.*

*For treatment options, go see your doctor.*

The CDC page is linked for reference, but remember to check with your doctor before jumping the gun and claiming/denying that you do have the flu.