The 9 Stages of Midterm Season

We all know exactly what we’re talking about. The period of time when it seems like every single one of your classes has hit crunch time—midterm season.  Here are the 9 stages of preparing for midterms:

1. Organized.

You’ve had this date circled for months.  Of course you’ll start studying early! You’ll just do a little every day until the day of the test. No sweat.

2. Time passes.

Oh…the midterm is this week? All of a sudden, all that time is gone.  You just had so much to do in between! They can’t expect you to dedicate your life to this midterm, can they?

3. Anxiety.

If you can’t get it right now, you definitely won’t get it right on the test.  Where do you even start? Is this even the best way to study? Should you get someone else’s study guide?

4. Acceptance.

Worst case, you drop the class right? Or maybe you’re taking it Credit/D anyway. No biggie. It’s just 20% of my grade. All your mom ever told you to do was try your best. ​

5. Confidence boost.

You walk into the room and you feel a surge of confidence.  Wait a minute, you own this class! You can absolutely do this.

6. Mental breakdown.

Wait, what? We learned this in class? How is everyone else writing something?? What do they know that I don’t?? The curve is going to kill me. 

7. Relief.

You know what, it wasn’t your best showing, but it’s over. Brain, feel free to shut down. You deserve a nice long break.

8. Realizing you’re not done.

Shoot. You don’t have time to relax. What about your midterm next week, or the paper the following?? Better actually prepare early this time!!