Stuff Nobody Says During Finals Week

Let’s be real. No matter how prepared you are, finals week is stressful. Is your professor going to put something on the test you didn’t study? Did you forget to buy a blue book? Do you just want some peace and quiet? These are the questions that run through your head, and these are the things nobody says during finals week.

  1. My computer has to update, I guess I’ll just do it now

  1. This is so much fun!

  1. Come to the library, I found an open study room!

  1. I got a full 8 hours!

  1. I’m having a really good hair day

  1. I don’t need coffee today

  1. I’m totally never going to be a stripper

  1. I’m not stressed

  1. My notes are so good, I’m so ready for this exam

  1. I’m going to take a nap