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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

Scheduling for classes is stressful and sometimes gives you anxiety. “Will I get into the classes I want/need?” What will I if a class is full AND the waitlist is full?” Trust us, we understand completely, all that could go wrong with your schedule.

1. When you start making mock class schedules weeks before your selection is posted.

2. When you plan out your perfect schedule, ensuring you don’t have 8am’s, class on Friday’s, and that you have the best professors.

3. When the registrar posts your selection times.

4. When you meet with your advisor.

5. When people are telling you what classes you should or shouldn’t take when you literally have NO FLEXIBILITY.

6. When you and your friend were going to take a class together and they text you asking if you’re willing to switch to a new class with a professor who has a Rate My Professor grade of 1.5 because they couldn’t get in the original class they wanted.

7. Stress eating the night before because half of the classes you want are almost full.

8. Frantically typing in course numbers and titles as soon as your registration time starts and you start to get super nervous.

9. When your first choice class is still open.

10. When all your other classes are full and you have no idea what you’re going to do.

11. When you desperately try to find backup classes.

12. Refusing to take a class that meets at 8am on Friday.

13. Finally finding enough classes to put together a full schedule.

14. When you finally click save.

15. When you sit and think about all of the emotional stress you just went through.

16. When you take a nap because you deserve it.

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Maggie is a Sport Management major with minors in Business and Deaf Studies. She an avid netflix watcher so if you need any suggestions for a new series to watch, she's got you. Her end goal is to work for the US women's national soccer team or the Detroit Pistons!