Five Ways to Up Your Salad Game

As good as it is for us, salad can be pretty bland, making it difficult to eat on a regular basis.  Cut down on fatty dressings and take your salad form drab to fab with these tips!

1.  Add Watermelon

Sure, it may sound a bit weird, but trust me, adding watermelon to your salad will add the unexpected flavor and crunch that you need!  Plus, it will help to keep you hydrated n this warmer weather.


2.  Spice It Up

If you're making your own dressings and vinaigrettes, try adding various spices to boost the flavor of your salad.  My personal favorite is cayenne and lime, or you can get outside of the box and try tumeric or freshly ground pepper.  The combinations are limitless!


3.  Add Some Crunch

A small handfull of chopped nuts will add some crunch, and a healthy dose of fats and fiber.


4.  Don't Forget the Protein

Whether it comes from chicken, steak, fish, eggs or tofu, adding a source of protein to your salad will help keep you full longer, as proteins take longer for the body to digest.  Experiment with different sources to find what you like best.

5.  Make it a Rainbow!

The more colors, the better, so fill your bowl with fruits and vegetables to ensure you get a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients!