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The Top 5 Ways to Spice Up Machine-Based Exercise!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

Working out has become my favorite pastime. I enjoy it and what it can do for my body, physically and mentally. But sometimes, getting on a machine like the treadmill or elliptical and doing the same repetitive motion for a half an hour or so gets boring. It’s hard to stay motivated when that happens. Also, not all of us want to memorize multiple complex exercises. So, the machines are a go to for our routines! I’ve been officially working out for about two years, and I have found ways to keep myself interested. Here are five things that can help make your repetitive work out less monotonous!


  1.  Listening to Music:


Listening to music in the gym is super common. It’s my go to. I use Spotify and Apple Music interchangeably and have multiple playlists that keep me “dancing” on the machine! These songs include Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”, anything with Sean Paul, and Green Day!



  1. Watching Hulu/Netflix:


Listening to music is great, but sometimes, it’s nice to change it up. I do the arc machine constantly, and when I listen to music, I find my eyes looking for something at which to stare. There are TVs and there’s my machine screen.

But one day, I had an idea to watch one of my favorite shows, Rick and Morty, to help me get through a semi intense hour of exercise. It’s especially helpful if you have your campus Wi-Fi. Binge watch your favorite twenty minute shows, or start a movie, I swear time goes by super quickly!

I started Zootopia in the gym, and made it through an hour! I even watch comedy specials. There are endless options and you don’t feel bad for sitting all day and binge watching two seasons of Rick and Morty (or whatever you watch)!



  1. Read:


It depends on what machine you use. The elliptical, the bike, the arc; all, with a little practice, are fine for reading a book!


  1. Do Homework:

Do homework (also see number 3). There are videos you can watch, or pages of a text book to read. If you’re interested in multitasking, why not bring your homework and spend an hour on the bike! It will make you feel a whole better and super productive!


  1. Write! (wink wink):


For a writer, ideas can come at any time. Us smart phone users usually have a handy dandy notepad that is perfect for noting one’s writing. Write articles, write poetry, write a story while you sweat! One doesn’t always need to sit and write, it’s okay to be active and artistic at the same time!


Until next time, HCXO!