An Open Letter to the American Heart Association

Thank you!

As someone who was born with a congenital heart defect, you have been there to help me during the times I needed it the most. For so long I was ashamed to tell my story, but through heart walks and through other events you showed me that I am not alone in this journey and there are others who are going through the same things as me. Since February is National American Heart Association Awareness Month I just wanted to give you the praise and thanks that you deserve.

            Thank you for giving support to people with heart conditions. Not only are you giving support to the people who need it the most and don’t have much of a support system. You are also there for the families of those going through heart problems. You also give financial support to those families who may not have the money for an operation that a loved one may need in order to survive.

            For me, it was my very first heart walk that showed me there were people out there who knew what I was going through and who were going to support me through the troubles of my condition. I was also able to meet some amazing people who became some of my best friends, and show me that I’m not alone.

            Thank you giving me hope in this world that not everyone sees heart conditions as some weird disease, but for treating us like normal people and helping us when we need it the most. This organization is so special to me and that is why I will always support the American Heart Association.



                        A girl who needed the support